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Increasing the value of 11%- Beijing, "according to the classification of culture and related industries in 2015 than the previous year China culture and related industries (2012)" and "culture and related industries added value accounting method", by the National Bureau of statistics accounting, increased in 2015 of the national culture and related industry was 27235 yuan, up 11% over the previous year (before the price factors), than the same period of nominal GDP growth rate of 4.6 percentage points; the proportion of GDP was 3.97%, 0.16 percentage points higher than last year. The accounting data show that culture and related industries is one of the highlights of the current economic growth, the total amount of sustained and rapid growth, the proportion rising, plays an increasingly important role in promoting economic development, optimizing the economic structure, to become the pillar industry of national economy a new step forward direction. According to industry, 2015 cultural industry added value of 11053 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.4%, accounting for culture and related industries accounted for 40.6%; the culture of the wholesale and retail industry added value of 254 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 6.6%, accounting for 9.3%; increase the cultural service value of 13640 yuan, an increase of 14.1%, accounting for 50.1%. According to the nature of activities, cultural products to create the added value of 17071 yuan, accounting for about 62.7% of the production of cultural products to create an added value of $10165, accounting for 37.3%.相关的主题文章: