2018 Ford explorers spy photos released in January next year (video) t6570

2018 Ford explorers spy photos released in January next year (the ginseng, pictures, inquiry), from the Ford 7 SUV big guy, will usher in a change of their early next year, the specific time should be released at the Detroit auto show in January 2017, this is the latest news from overseas media. And at the same time, foreign media also exposed a few of the new road test spy map. Large SUV 1, Ford Explorer positioning, 7 seat layout, domestic and imported in the form of the sale; 2, the current model with 2.3T and 3.5T engine, with 6 speed automatic gearbox; 3, spy photos can not see the appearance, but rumors of 2018 new cars will be equipped with 10 speed automatic transmission; 4, the future is expected to a new car derived from the hybrid version. The new Ford Explorer 2.3T evaluation test – to say all models is not what good, especially for such photo phobic users. As this group of explorers have systemic spy, under heavy camouflage, in addition to the 7 seat SUV large stature and explorers of hardcore off-road features, to see a reason, but also really. More material is, according to foreign media reports, the 2018 explorers will Ford T3 platform to build on, using aluminum body structure, then the quality of vehicle will be reduced. In addition, it is reported that the new car will be equipped with F-150 power with the same 3.5L EcoBoost V6 turbocharged engine, transmission will be upgraded to 10 speed automatic transmission and a universal joint development, and have a start stop technology. By the end of 2019, will be born a hybrid car.相关的主题文章: