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Two sets of standards? Taoyuan airport subway first opened at the end of the biggest improvement again "- Beijing, according to Taiwan media reports, Taoyuan airport subway after six degrees bounced, Taiwan traffic department commissioned experts examination group recently released report, confirmed the airport subway" safe ", although the travel time, speed, headway is still unable to meet the contract standard. But the traffic department and Taoyuan municipal government will be" the first opening, then the improvement, improvement of standard contract approval, before the end of the opening. According to reports, this is almost the same with the five months before the horse authorities claim, but at that time it was peach and Taoyuan City subway company vigorously opposed, Taoyuan mayor Zheng Wencan yesterday also questioned the "two sets of standards". Zheng Wencan stressed that "the attitude has not changed, is to clarify the time requirements" sale approval authorities horse ", but the stability test is only 70%, the first approval re opened to help manufacturers to release; opening time, Taiwan Transportation Department official, Chen Dan did not relent" there is no timetable for opening". In March this year, the airport subway opened sixth degrees bounced, mainly because of driving time, speed, headway can not reach a contract requirements, the Department of transportation was presented the first opening, then improve the "peach city and Taoyuan subway but stressed that" not more accommodation ", proposed 4522 abnormal events. 520, the Taiwan Department of transportation to Taipei Metro Engineering Bureau Bureau of the Yangtze River before the 7 Pope outside the island medical experts committee, after two months of investigation, he Chen Dan, Zheng Wencan yesterday announced the results of the survey and the rate of commission by. Jiang Yaozong said, "to determine the overall system security survey, only 25 errors, long distance first opened, and a suggestion improvement; the opening of the" simulation "and" contract approval "to separate the first opening, and acceptance. It is understood that the train from Taipei travel time to Taoyuan airport station, 25 minutes from the contract will relax for 36.5 minutes; the original contract requirements of train, ordinary cars should be every 10 minutes a bus every 5 minutes, equal to the car; but the simulation test stretched for 12 minutes, the test was stable up to 90% nine will be opened. Then continue to require manufacturers to improve the contract standards. He Chendan said that many of the construction is the first operation, and then improve, the first operation can enhance the degree of proficiency, but also allows manufacturers to stabilize and upgrade. Zheng Wencan also agreed, but stressed that the acceptance of the contract standards.相关的主题文章: