Survey shows that over 6 of respondents with their parents call usually in less than 10 minutes 月丘うさぎ

Survey shows that over 6 of respondents talk with parents usually in the new network under 10 minutes – 62.2% of respondents and their parents call duration usually below 10 minutes Chinese Youth Daily? Youth online reporter Intern Du Yuanchun Sun Jing many young people because of work, learning and other reasons, not in the parents, only through telephone contact with their parents. Last week, Chinese youth daily social investigation center joint network questionnaire, according to a survey of 2001 people, 36% of the respondents every week to talk with their parents for 2 to 3 times, 21.2% of the respondents 1 times a week, 16.6% of the respondents were 4 to 5 times more than 7 times accounted for 2.8%. 2% of respondents said they did not talk with their parents, and 16.8% of respondents depending on the situation. Beijing, a university graduate student Ren Fei (a pseudonym) no matter how busy work, every week with my parents on the phone, "each call time in about 30 minutes, there are times and parents chat very happy, forget the time, mobile phone has become hot, hung up the phone to see the calling time two an hour". According to the survey, 62.2% of respondents with their parents talk in a long time in less than 10 minutes, of which 47.1% of respondents in the 5 to 10 minutes, 15.1% of respondents in the following. 29.3% of respondents in the 10 to 30 minutes, in the range of 30 to 60 minutes, more than 60 minutes accounted for only about 3.8%, respectively. In the survey, in addition to the phone, 60.7% of respondents mainly through WeChat and parents exchange. A state-owned enterprise employees in Chengdu Zhu Lei each call, have to warn parents not too tired. Parents are now most worried about is his "life event", often urged him to get married. "I warned and co-workers get along, they may be able to endure". Zhu Lei said, hear fast long cocoon, but still be able to feel the love of parents. Ren Fei said that a person outside the study and life, and parents will tell about the funny things happen around, listen to mom nagging home, and my father to talk about current events. "Last winter to call home," the girls should not rely on the boys’ problems, I argue with my mother, make me laugh. My father always told me, do not glossy, difficult family to share together". Call your parents, what are you talking about? Respondents said that their work and life, etc. (62.3%), the parents’ physical condition (61.6%), the parents’ living situation (50.6%) is the most common. There are other: to share the life experience of the little things (42.1%), their emotional status (32.9%), their troubles (28.1%), etc.. Zhu Lei believes that the exchange of parents should focus on understanding, each generation has a way of thinking for each generation, knowing that their parents are good for us, listen to their nagging, a long time on the exchange of smooth". In any fly seems to often communicate with parents to allow parents to enter their own world, to eliminate the generation gap. In fact, parents also want to know more about our world, the more they do not understand the more we do not say, on behalf of.相关的主题文章: