Beijing at 000 on Sunday heating room temperature to 18 degrees 海思k3v2

Beijing at 0:00 on Sunday from the heating room temperature needs to reach 18 degrees – in November 5th, the home heating plant, the staff to open the valve heating. The same day, Beijing began heating trial. Beijing News reporter Pu peak photo Beijing News (reporter Xin Na) the heating test has been more than 4 days, but some people still sigh home heating not hot air. Reporters from Beijing City Management Committee heating Office learned that, at present, Beijing heating boiler firing rate has exceeded 9, heating operation area also has more than half. On the part of the heating unit is not heating, heating the competent departments of the municipal responsible person, the heating unit heating time can choose according to their own circumstances, the deadline is 13 days of zero hour, room temperature reaches 18 degrees celsius. Heating boiler ignition rate has exceeded 9 this year, Beijing, two days ahead of the formal heating, heating units from the beginning of the ignition test run 5. Some people in the home heating has been warm, but there are still people to reflect, the community hasn’t started heating. One resident said that at present, heating units are heating the main pipeline maintenance, repair Master said the fastest 13 days to repair. In this regard, the competent heating Department responsible person, the heating unit heating time can choose according to their actual situation, ignition test run time will not be across the board, such as heating network is relatively small since the late ignition unit selection. But the deadline is 13 days from zero, room temperature up to 18 degrees heating. In other words, do not meet the standard heating characteristics of the temperature after the formal heating. The person in charge, if the formal heating, heating units high rate of complaints, the authorities will be exposed. If the latter has not yet corrected, according to certain standards to reduce subsidies. Since the heating ladder gas prices according to the natural year heating season approaching, Beijing 850 thousand users have started to purchase gas heating. How to buy gas to avoid being transferred to the second ladder gas price. City Gas Group reminded that the ladder gas price is not calculated in the heating season, but the natural year. The relevant person in charge, the new year’s day to December 31st a year is a natural gas purchase time, during this time period in accordance with the implementation of the gas price ladder. The person in charge, at present, the implementation of a minimum of 1 cubic meters of gas group buying standard, can buy "at least 1 words, if buy more, can calculate the gas demand from home, according to the amount of end use to buy, wait until January 1st to buy more." In addition, the city gas group is working with a number of banks to increase communication, ATM self-service gas purchase function, which can realize the end of this month, China Construction bank. – on heating is not where the problem? Heating has been more than 4 days, if you find their own heating is not hot, the problem is where? City heat group staff, heating is not the most common cause of heating is blocked, that is, there is a certain amount of air in the pipeline is not discharged, resulting in the pipe network can not be normal circulation of hot water. The position of the gas block is different, the performance of the heating is not hot also different. For example, if the unit floor heating is not hot, air blocking problem may be in the top of the pipe, hot water should be the normal flow of exhaust. Different rooms are not as hot,.相关的主题文章: