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Twitter sought to sell but no one bid: the company’s share price fell last week in a row Twitter five, Sina Technology Stock Chart news Beijing standard time on September 12th morning news many Wall Street expected Twitter will eventually be sold to a larger company, on Thursday from the company’s board of directors meeting news, the forecast was temporarily shelved. Because of sluggish growth, Twitter quarter year-on-year growth rate of only 1%, profit loss of $107 million, although the growth of over 20%, with a profit of $602 million is still cannot rival Facebook play together, share that is difficult. The company representatives to CNBC said " no bid " they are trying to reduce prices, which led to the Twitter share price plummeted 6%. As the market closed on Friday, Twitter’s stock traded at about $18, down about 20% this year. Although it is trying to find a bidder, but this does not mean that the company will not be acquired – of course, at the right price. Twitter still has 313 million active users per month, of which $21% comes from the United states. They also continue to promote the video, after the site has been with the American Football League (NFL) to reach an agreement, every Thursday night game in real-time broadcast platform. However, it is hard to see Twitter as a sustainable news and communication social network because it has never been profitable in history. As the "Guardian" pointed out, Twitter company had $3 billion 600 million in cash reserves, therefore, were less likely to succumb to the pressure of the market at any time to declare bankruptcy, a further decline in the share price is likely to change the idea of the acquisition of potential buyers. But if there is no growth and profit, the current investors worried about the company’s fear of life soon. Wade Bush (Wedbush Securities) analyst (Michael Pachter) told the CNBC, a serious consideration on the board after the acquisition of the event, Twitter still need to figure out what it wants. " they should want to become the first major news source, the target market is on the Internet for the omniscient 250 million person, he said ". He further explained that, in his view, Facebook may become a strategic buyer, as a social media giant, currently on the Faceobook website is missing an instant news elements. " I think Facebook really wants to be a media company, Twitter is the media element they’re looking for, " he told CNBC. According to "the guardian" reported, independent technology analyst Ben Thompson (Ben Thompson) believes that Google may be suitable for potential buyers, because of its " mobile platform; there is an urgent need for a convincing daily application of " products;. Besides, he said.相关的主题文章: