Volkswagen will launch a fast charging project to give up cooperation with apple Google 索尼a350

Volkswagen will launch fast charging projects abandon cooperation with apple and Google Volkswagen hopes to greatly reduce the charging time of the electric vehicle, electric vehicle charging project started, while speeding up the group of electric vehicles in the footsteps of Porsche will lead the development of public electric vehicle. Mullen also formally responded to the public and apple, Google may cooperate. According to the German Bild newspaper on Sunday edition, Volkswagen CEO Mullen said Volkswagen is working on the development of electric vehicle rapid charging project, 15 minutes charge of 80%. Mullen said: "the public performance of electric vehicles in the past few years was poor, so that the public now needs a head-on catch" mass, will make only superficial changes "in 2020, when the public will have 30 electric cars, electric car mileage (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) reached 500 to 600 kilometers. In mid June, announced the group’s strategy in 2025, the goal of pure electric vehicle sales accounted for 20% of the total sales of the group to 25%. Mullen said that the development of electric vehicles in Germany, there are three main reasons for the difficulty: electric car driving mileage is short, less electric vehicle charging infrastructure, weak, high electric car prices. When asked about Apple, Google and other new competitors in the automotive industry, Mullen said once and Google, apple on the cooperation of formal negotiations. He said: "of course we have a serious conversation with them. However, the differences between the two sides is too large, the negotiations ended. Five years or ten years before we can figure out what’s going on".相关的主题文章: