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"Her economy" to "mother economy": Mobile electricity supplier to usher in the second spring? The science and technology Sohu – one observation since 2006, with a huge number of after and after entering the marriage peak, China began to enter the long age population growth. The second child alone open is accelerated this trend, the estimated annual births rose 20% to 10000, provides sufficient user base for the outbreak of maternal and infant growth in the consumer market. Statistics show that the per capita annual consumption of the new generation of mothers in the yuan to 18 thousand yuan, in order to calculate the total market has more than one trillion yuan. According to CBME China released "China baby industry survey report" shows that Chinese currently is the world’s second largest consumer of baby products. With the economic growth and urbanization, China’s maternal and child consumption market growth is accelerating year by year. From the "she" to "mother economy" and "mother group" is China maternal consumption of the main market, this part of the user from the 708090 generation three women, compared to 60 after more understand the Internet and rely on online shopping, compared to 95 after the purchase ability, has become a household consumption is the main decision-making. Market research firm Nelson latest report shows that China has the world’s largest online shopping crowd, the number of 448 million. Which accounted for 56% of female consumers, while mothers and women occupy the online shopping crowd of 65%. "We found a very noteworthy data, in addition to the mother in the crowd in the crowd massing online shopping more and more large, online shopping shopping frequency and single amount is higher than the overall population of the total amount of online shopping, shopping is more than the whole population of high 40% and online shopping, online shopping list mother also broke the milk diapers, has been extended to eight categories buy, buy for your family." That is to say, with the 708090 generation three women enter parenting age, Chinese online shopping spending power of the strongest groups are from the "she" upgrade to "mother" of the economy, the user shopping three needs: "shopping, knowledge, emotion is also changed: Shopping: the product quality of the young mothers. In particular, milk powder, diapers and other products on the subject have a stronger demand for quality and safety; emotional aspects: pay more attention to the shopping experience, product reputation and customer service service; knowledge: from its own body, to focus on the" family "and" children "as the theme of the transfer, purpose is more obvious. In fact, these three needs are interdependent, the target mother crowd of enterprises need to meet the comprehensive needs of the three, any single model is a false proposition. "Mom is not only the" new economy "concept of maternal and maternal economic" main economic and other vertical electric providers are not new, "mother, the first great reason lies in the early development of maternal electricity supplier industry generally short life, is the reason behind the user: Mom a short period; emphasis on milk powder diapers and other standard products, low margin burn continuously. The capital chain is easy to break. And in 2014 the rise of mobile mothers and children who are trying to consume electricity based on the habit of insight, change the business model curing thinking. Among them, it is worth noting that maternal electricity supplier leading enterprises babe network proposed".相关的主题文章: