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"Very unique" delete files test September 7th Ma Boyong creation story million people even cut the feudal lords vying for the throne! 3D Chang Mobile Games "very unique" without action will delete files open charging test in September 7th. "Very unique" is mutual entertainment issued by the hero titanium alloy interaction developed by Ma Boyong himself, according to the real facts of three of the adaptation of the original story, Hanggai, miss Zeta and Bao Yang wood and other well-known actor DEDECATES grand game music, original story, a variety of scenes, the three generals feel the original three world of martial arts. This "unique" delete files charging test for a specific time: September 7th 11 to September 18th 16, will be available in UC, game player 360 and three HUAWEI Android channel download "very unique", we must see the service, do not miss.   a missed three feast in order to bring a more smooth cool game player without mowing experience, "unparalleled" by Ma Boyong three original story, in the Three Kingdoms period as the background, based on the historical facts in order to restore the game player to bring a new experience. In the deleted file charging test version, "very unique" not only have different difficulty, a copy of the play 3V3, Union soldiers paid Curtis, tomb fine iron and other daily tasks and animal collection of jade dragon, a new title system and Legion BOSS gameplay. Let the player not only enjoy the personal glory of colleagues can also feel the fun of team combat. Lieutenant collection, equipment upgrades, Polish develop system is a collection of game player meet such a desire, how can you miss it three feast.   a sensory experience beyond the limits of the delicate 3D ultra clear picture experience, unique cultural landscape, the Three Kingdoms period three famous familiar, gorgeous skill effects, this is "very unique" to the game player beyond the limit of sensory experience. In the game, game player can not only personally into the original three countries in the world, not only feel the flames of war on the battlefield can realize Yu Na’s coat is magnificent, and enjoy the super gorgeous skill effects in combat, instantly ignite the passion of fighting; new mysterious generals will let’s feast for the eyes, so rich a colorful picture, beyond the limits of your senses.   a luxury adventure fully and delightfully the test, "unparalleled" will bring infinite benefits to the game player, game player can not only in WeChat, the official website, Q group received various gifts, can also participate in various activities to receive more gifts. In September 7th the "unique" delete files start charging test at the same time, landing the game you will find more surprises. More Madden welfare, will definitely enjoy the ultimate adventure game player fully and delightfully enjoy unlimited passion, without mowing.   a "very unique" "very unique" is made of titanium nuclear interaction research, the hero mutual entertainment agency issued theme without mowing ARPG Mobile Games. The game uses Unity3D engine without action, MSAA technology, so that the game player can feel one hundred of mowing pleasure. [three] Mobley Yong personally penned grand narrative framework, [] and [miss Hanggai band] together to create stunning three soundtrack, with grand china.相关的主题文章: