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Hai Zi Ling: crude oil rally earlier this week to see the range of finishing at the silver dollar index fell 0.32%, to close at 98.27, was recorded for the first time around since the week down, because the United States that has risen to nearly nine month highs caused investors to take profits, and the political uncertainty also weighed on the dollar. Spot gold closed to a new high of $1276.04 an ounce, up by 0.76%, benefiting from the U.S. political uncertainty and the dollar down. U.S. crude oil futures fell about 4% this week, the biggest weekly decline in the past six weeks. The United States, Japan, the United Kingdom and Australia this week will be held in the interest rate decision meeting, but the market is expected to the four central bank [micro-blog] no action. The Fed may hint that it will raise interest rates in December, the Bank of Japan has just adjusted the policy framework in September will not be easy to take action, the Bank of England may be in early 2017 to relax policy. This week, U.S. crude oil futures fell by about 4%, to close at $48.66 a barrel, a record six weeks to the biggest weekly decline, due to concerns about the organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) will implement the production plan, which had risen for five consecutive weeks after investors profit taking. OPEC9, 28, at the informal oil conference in Algeria to reach an agreement to limit oil output, the OPEC total oil production target is limited to the range of 3250-3300 million barrels a day. Iraqi oil minister Luibi (JabarAlial-Luaibi) said on Sunday that Iraq should be the organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) exemption agreement limiting the production of crude oil, because the country needs to fight Islamic state war income. OPEC will decide at the official meeting in November each country’s oil production quotas, as early as the market before the implementation of the OPEC can still be questioned, Iraq’s position to make this concern heavier. Iraq’s Oil Ministry spokesman, Jihad, said this week that Iraq would be able to accept OPEC’s freeze on oil production based on "real" output. But I am afraid it is difficult for other OPEC countries to accept. Silver, whether it is in the long-term trend and short-term fluctuation of the situation, and with the gold point, on the one hand, 17.9-18.0 is still on the low level pressure rail box to run, the rebound has been synchronized to a predetermined target price of gold. As for the next week whether to continue to shock, bring the price of silver ahead of the bottom, the truth, there is no conclusion, based on complex fundamentals under the impact of the strength, speed, after the closing forms are very key K. The fact is, on Friday failed to break the 17.9 and 18 levels of impact pressure, the daily closing with a slight retracement, the rail pressure is still strong, and the same gold, at the beginning of the week before the introduction of data read range of finishing rhythm. Support 17.5, focusing on the 17.3 and 17 line, resistance of 17.9 to 18. Crude oil, the recent market fundamentals news is complex, the impact of crude oil daily uncertainty increased, resulting in short-term, medium-term fluctuations in the trend. At present the situation, the recent oil price in the upward impact on the high point of the year 51.6, to form the top of the building under the puncture.相关的主题文章: