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Qianhai Kaiyuan fund Yang Delong: welcome to the new era of FOF – channel fund review: domestic public offering has entered the FOF era, FOF will become the mainstream of the fund. If you are not allowed to buy what kind of fund, or take what what to buy when the time allowed to sell directly to buy FOF (fund of funds), let the professional organization and excellent investment managers to help you choose the fund. In this case, the possibility of losing money to buy a fund to reduce the. What is FOF (Fund of Fund)? First, we explain what is FOF, FOF is the fund’s fund. The essence of the fund manager is to help customers to configure the fund to help customers choose the "time", "the election". China’s fund has developed for eighteen years, 98 years from the first issue of the South Kaiyuan fund, now a number of public fund has reached more than 3 thousand. Now the number of shares is only three thousand, that is to say, more than the number of fund shares, so that investors choose a good fund is to allow investors to choose a good stock, this difficulty is the same. The issue of funds in the fund is to help customers choose when to buy and sell funds, as well as the question of which fund to choose. FOF: from foreign markets to the Chinese market FOF this form is very common in foreign markets. According to statistics, the total amount of public funds raised in the United States around $16 trillion, while GDP was $18 trillion, the fund accounted for up to 90% GDP. The size of China’s public fund is only 8 trillion yuan, GDP reached $60 trillion, accounting for less than 20% of the fund. Therefore, China’s fund industry is still a sunrise industry. In the United States, the size of the FOF public fund accounted for 10%, or 1 trillion dollar fund is FOF products, so the fund of funds is a fund for large scale, very good. FOF appears to solve the problem of customers do not buy money fund. Most of the domestic equity funds outperformed the broader market, which is better than the u.s.. Most of the public funds in the United States can not run to win the index, the index is the average level of the market. The reason is that the U.S. market is a more mature investment market, the market is 80% institutional investors, and these institutions are pricing. So if you want to beat the index in the United States, it is very difficult to beat the majority of investors. Most equity funds in the United States did not outperform the market, many funds have been indexed, index funds accounted for a large proportion. In China, most of the performance of the stock fund outperformed the index, fund managers beat the index is relatively easy. Because most investors in China’s stock market is retail, many investors do not have the ability to price, so outperform the index is relatively easy. So most of the performance of the domestic equity funds outperformed the index, which is good. But Chinese investors to buy a fund or lose money, even in the case of a large increase in the fund’s net loss, mainly because there is no time to grasp when to buy, when to sell. Just last year, the stock fund net rose.相关的主题文章: