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With the way to travel to build a hundred brigades will expand the elderly tourism market -, September (Xinhua), with the way travel headquarters in Suzhou to a special guest. The old man called Ling Tianlu, is the same way travel users, he made a special trip from Taizhou to Suzhou, is hoping to travel with the way to help him plan his eighth trip abroad. After his tour toured many countries of France, Switzerland, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, South Korea, Russia, the United States, Greece, Germany, and domestic well-known attractions, is visiting numerous well-known mountains and rivers. "As old as we are, as long as the economic and physical conditions permit, I think we should go out for a walk." Ling Tianlu said the old man, I hope that in the same way with the help of travel, they can go to more fun place. The old man Ling Tianlu in the same way CEO Wu Zhixiang presented calligraphy works in order to meet the more like the elderly so Ling Tianlu’s desire for travel, travel with the way this year, for the elderly tourism market began to force the subdivision. Relying on the "Suzhou + headquarters of the six regions of the line layout and network platform resources, the company for the whole industry gathering all power of national service in the elderly travel, from the three aspects of service, brand and reputation, for the elderly to create high-quality, high standards and high price of tourism products. At present, the company is planning to build a "hundred Tour" in the elderly tourism service brand and old members of the club, with innovative and diversified service needs, meet the old users in the tourism and leisure, social and other aspects of the demand. Travel with the relevant responsible person said, will be set to the name of a hundred brigades, is hoping to join the elderly users, live to one hundred years old, travel around the world". We hope that the exclusive service brand in the elderly and the introduction of the club through the membership of the organization, so that more elderly members in the enjoyment of leisure tourism in the old age." This is also a way to promote the tourism community members of the fine operation and service of a promotion and exploration. It is understood that the same journey will be the main object of the brigade in the same way travel registration of middle-aged and old members, the general age of 50 years of age, men and women are not limited. Users can enjoy a series of personalized services and organizational activities provided by members of the same journey, which will give priority to members’ rights and interests. Once a month to relax around the tour, once a quarter of the domestic theme of the trip and a year out of the theme of outbound travel, not regularly engage in the activities of the members of the association, show and share exchanges. According to the degree of activity and needs of members in the activities, the same process will continue to upgrade the rights and interests of members to provide more personalized service. "All the members of the brigade will give priority to participate in the 100 initiated by the same process of custom theme tourism activities, tourist routes, family travel, can enjoy preferential discount, with the way tourism consultant will also members of one to one service." The person in charge said that the brigade will support the club members to build, all members can apply to become a member of the hundred brigade members, to assist the activities of the organization and construction of the branch. Public information, the current proportion of domestic tourism has accounted for about 20% of the tourism market, in the off-season tourism, this share reached more than 50%. But part of the trip.相关的主题文章: