[hometown rhyme] I am filled with happiness to the place – Sohu maternal and child 残清1864

[] from my hometown rhyme filled with a happy place – I was born in Tianjin Ninghe maternal Sohu a quaint little town, here is quiet and peaceful, beautiful and rich, is a modern city of beauty, and show the situation of rural areas, each person living here is happiness tightly around, let I bring you into this picturesque place. Ninghe is located in the northeast of Tianjin City, located in the middle of the three cities of Beijing, Tianjin and tangshan. One side of the water, where the deep fertile soil, is the best food crop growing conditions, so the "seven" well-known, far and near, the Caspian Sea wetland Xiaozhan rice is also ideal habitat for wildlife resources. Whitebait purple crab, reed called Ninghe "Sambo", is famous in the history of Ninghe lake. Here, high-rise buildings, heavy traffic, a bustling scene. Here respecting, honest, strong cultural atmosphere throughout the United States, this scene is beautiful, a peaceful scene if you look at the city’s indifference, let me take you to see the village of joy; if you feel the city in a hurry, so please take a minute to feel under the work satisfaction. Our children in the city children, busy work, is to send their children to the gray building, machine learning, do not lose at the starting line? I came home and went into the field, see one family work, their happiness is so simple, the smiling faces of children infected me, mother to child rearing, is in such a hands-on experience and let them grow. Rural primary school, the children’s festival, their smile is simple and simple, no pressure, no worries, harvest season, is a heavy amount of joy, their faces shining with happiness! Follow me into the beautiful Ninghe, you can feel the beauty here, here’s happiness, the happiness here? Welcome to Tianjin, Ninghe, you will feel more different life! My hometown is full of flavor! Waiting for you oh! This article all photos, for the original photos, do not steal!相关的主题文章: