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Supreme | astronauts came – Sohu so we how time flies turn is Supreme open season tenth week of the first look at the sale this week, a wave of Polartec® droplist; set a single product, long shirt sweater 3M reflective NEW ERA hair band Bunny Rabbit nail chapter…… Most people look forward to is the Astronaut Puffy Jacket release is the so-called back at the printer, the front face you this silhouette NASA astronaut besides black and white color design but the most eye-catching is the back of the Supreme in 1995 and 2015 have used the elements but are in the form of photos before you in December 4, 1998 the United States, the space shuttle Endeavour carrying the international space station second components of the "solidarity" launch after numerous attempts and efforts after the "unity" and "dawn" was finally successful docking is in this mission when James Newman took this photo of the successful docking of significance So the moon is not less than Supreme in 1999 will add product photos LOGO printed on the spring and summer is not only on the occasion to promote himself to these outstanding tribute amounting to more about 2015 astronauts in recent years NASA found on Mars of liquid water or whether enough annals microbial discovery has epoch-making significance which is worth mentioning is NASA in the 2015 Mars pioneer recruitment advertisement is also used in the James Newman the classic photo why Supreme last year to push this product in addition to revisit the classic, probably a little bit of that. You rub heat above mentioned, the space station successfully set up the significance to people is not less than the moon so, The story behind the photo is extraordinary James Newman in October 16th ushered in the 60 birthday at Supreme re launched this photo series of products is to allow more people to pay tribute to these pioneers brave and the stories behind the photos you say no more, a figure expression of good luck map | Web相关的主题文章: