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Excellent parents raising children, Dad can not do not know! – the mother and child at the entrance of a kindergarten, always see a foreign father waiting for his child on time. His elevation is high, in the women’s pile, very conspicuous. "Don’t you work?" The old man is always curious about. "Work." He is always in a bad mood. Occasionally, he will also look at the computer, the phone, but when the children come, always immediately turn off the computer, hang up the phone, the tall body always squat down, and his children went to the bosom. Later, the foreign father asked, "why is the Chinese restaurant, the school gate, the playground is the mother and the old man to accompany the child, where is the father of China?" Excellent parents raising children, Dad can not do not know! (Figure) this sentence shows how many mothers and children’s voices! When it comes to educating children, many people take it for granted that this is the mother’s responsibility. In real life, always hear a lot of mothers complain that children like to man’s little change, responsible father may be harder to make money, but other amateur life, almost no effect. A survey shows: even if it is still in the hazy state of the baby, he will appear because of the lack of fatherly love and anxiety, loss of appetite, depression, irritability and other " "’s typical symptoms of deficiency syndrome. The lack of a father’s younger child, the greater risk of syndrome. As a father, in the end in the process of parenting and education need to do? Excellent mom for you to read: first of all must be done, love the mother of the world’s best family education, is the father love mom! Loving parents, family relationship, good family environment for children. This kind of child’s personality will be more peaceful and cheerful, not easily manhandled, if parents often quarrel, children will be very hurt. And the children play together, play sports, the nature of each child, the father put down the shelf, leaving the other troubles, to accompany children to play, not only can establish the intimate relationship between father and son, stimulating the enthusiasm of children, but also beneficial to the healthy growth of children’s body and mind. Respect for the child, said to do, not to betray the child mind world we need to slowly integrate into the adults, children are eager to get respect, so, only to respect the child, you can enter the child’s mind and child communication. And remember the promised child thing when it comes to do, make a person keep a promise inviolate in front of the children. Put down the hands of the mobile phone almost accompany the child is not the so-called sit around a child in front of the children, while the eyes stare at the screen in the mobile phone, it makes the hearts of young children feel hurt, as the mobile phone. Put down the phone, give the child a high quality of the company, you will find that the child’s smile is much better than the phone. To be a "absent" father’s family dinner, children’s birthday,!相关的主题文章: