One or two hours will be able to get rid of the PC can be fast clearance of fine games dnf商人吧

One or two hours will be able to get on the PC can be quickly clearance of the boutique game if you have a full-time job, but also have a pet, then spare time for you is very valuable. Up to 100 hours of RPG game means that it will take a few months to clearance. However, there are a number of games that allow you to spend one or two nights to complete the process. This list for you to select the PC on the short and excellent game, enough to allow you to get a full game experience in a few hours. Superhot Superhot is a very special first person shooter game, this is a game only when you move, time will flow. The game is set in a series of mystery in the room, you need to use the limited space to solve in the room, knocked down the enemy. When all the enemies are defeated, the game will play your game in the normal flow of time playback, very exciting. Superhot game time takes about 3-4 hours, but enough to let you experience the essence of the game. "Fire" (Firewatch) the story happened in the wilderness of Wyoming. The game will be gradually opened between the protagonist and his classmates Ranger Henry Delilah story. The game’s narrative than first appears linear much, but in Wyoming the magnificent scenery of the forest with a first person perspective, and game complete voice dialogue, make the story more enjoyable. Moirai don’t look at it. It’s all right. It may seem like a farm first person shooter, but it’s not. The game is completely free, the game takes only 10 minutes, is very friendly to your time and wallet. "Far cry 3: Blood dragon" (Far Cry 3:Blood Dragon) to enjoy the full experience of farcry can have to spend a lot of time, especially the open map adds more elements of the game. But "far cry 3: Dragon" and "blood farcry 3" and not much contact, also do not need to purchase additional "Crysis 3", the game time is also very compact, only 5-6 hours. The game has a fantastic future style, players to command the transformation of the army and a variety of sci-fi style enemy combat. Although this game may not be suitable for everyone, but the mechanism of this shooting game by the sandbox was right. "Portal" (Portal) created by the Valve excellent game. Its core idea is very simple, that is, by setting up a portal from one location to another location, and to solve the puzzle. Game time is about 4 hours, and will not make you feel boring. The game was originally a part of "the orange box" game package, in 2011 has launched an independent sequel, but the original version is still worth playing. Inside and "limbo" (Limbo) "limbo" (Limbo) and the same type of work Inside is a very good puzzle game. Two works developed by Danish game developer Playdead. Two games are very sophisticated, one night to complete customs clearance. Too.相关的主题文章: