From a romantic, Shan – and Sohu cad2012序列号和密钥

From a romantic, Shan – Sohu and the world began to have how many good stories are recorded on the table, meet for the first time, first date, first anniversary. As you smile, little laughter, beautiful posture in front of the table, the table of exquisite gluttonous, intoxicating wine, are to be remembered better. In the name of delicacy, and so you take the meal, is my ultimate ideal. In the name of delicacy with you, to take Shan, is my dream come true. From a romantic, Shan start. [sign] Liquor-Soaked Crabs Vintage Shaoxing Liquor-Soaked Crabs dip cooked food to the aftertaste is sweet. Liquor-Soaked Crabs with crabs for good, made out of cream yellow and plump, taste. [water] unable to hide greeds export Steamed Chicken with Chili Sauce spicy and delicious, let a person unable to hide greeds, this dish deserved. [BB] citronella salt baked pigeon that the thin layer of salt, like a feather wrapped in Dove dove skin, wings like the wings of angels. [Coconut Juice is full of sweet coconut yellow chicken soup], the chicken is very tender, even also very delicious coconut stew, a coconut with nourishing and don’t let go. Salty and spicy spicy [scallion sauce beef] Angus crude scallions and Beijing sauce, with tender beef perfect. [a] marbled black bag barbecued pork, sweet and salty, eat fat but not greasy. [] large fish fish sour sweet scented osmanthus osmanthus spicy soup with meat is tight, very appetizing, delicious to stop. [QQ] crab Gorgon yam Gorgon bomb, yam crisp, sweet potato, crab flavor sauce collocation, very delicious. The wizard of Oz [] innovative green salted egg yolk sauce, the poetic dishes and organic cauliflower collision, the taste is quite good. [] radish radish smoldering smoldering to the entrance of the degree, delicious soup, radish this delicious ingredients to the extreme. [or] Steamed Rice Boletus pasta pasta? The first time to eat rice shaped pasta, originally this is dedicated to the baby to eat pasta, OK, in fact I was a baby. This softer than normal pasta better chew. [] black tea flavor Twilight snow snow Niang, set other comes Xian Qi ~ glutinous rice skin soft waxy, sweet and delicious green tea cream. Name: take the Shan (Lake Wanda) address: Xiamen Huli Wanda third floor Tel: 0592-2366220相关的主题文章: