Prepaid card spamming illegal fund-raising and other regulatory efforts to curb the chaos. 残清1864

Prepaid card spamming illegal fund-raising and other chaos regulatory efforts to curb Sina still need to fund exposure: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Prepaid card consumption patterns in the current market is very common. Experts pointed out that the prepaid card to curb infringement chaos regulatory force. At present, the prepaid card management on the market mainly in accordance with the Ministry of Commerce in 2012 issued a "single use commercial prepaid card management approach (Trial)". Which provides a certain scale enterprises need to issue prepaid cards to the business department for the record within 30 days after issuance, according to a certain proportion of the funds received in advance to the commercial bank deposit depository of funds, to form a restriction on the violation. But in the actual operation of the regulation, the reporter noted: first, the loss of width. For example, the only way involved in retail, accommodation and catering, residential services "three industries, are not covered for infringement of similar areas of high incidence of fitness and education; such as" single anonymous card limit may not exceed $5000, not more than the amount in the scope of regulation; such as the annual operating income of 5 million yuan the above "enterprise legal person, for less than this amount of business is not in the scope of regulation. At the same time, the requirements of these measures is a legal personality of the company, not including the self-employed. "Run away" in the self-employed business bureau will not go, can be self-employed people involved in service industry, it is the largest prepaid card consumer complaints. Two is lost in the soft. Enterprises do not prepare for the record on the basis of voluntary self-regulation, the use of funds without tracking. This provides an opportunity for some market players through the junk prepaid card, illegal fund-raising, wantonly misappropriating or even malicious fraud. Businesses will not take the initiative to set up a special management accounts for this part of the funds, as long as the free withdrawal does not collapse. In addition, the sale of business card issuing companies and card purchase their agent identity information and transaction information is confidential, but also rely on voluntary self-regulation. Reporters found in the survey, some enterprises on the original foot enterprise member prepaid card balance and identity information at a glance. The single use commercial prepaid card management approach (Trial), ordered deadline for rectification, there is obviously too much connivance. In addition, the violation of the relevant provisions of the law punishable by a fine of 10 thousand yuan more than $30 thousand, the illegal cost is too low to cause punishment without pain, to a certain extent, condone violations. The relevant departments did not update the new problems arising from the social policy update. Prepaid card management approach has been more than 4 years of experience, practice has proved that there are multiple delays and loopholes should be revised in a timely manner, after the introduction of a formal management approach to improve. Prior to the introduction of the formal approach, business, industry and commerce, public security and other departments to take action to strengthen joint supervision, to avoid the trap of illegal fund-raising, malicious fraud. At present, the single use commercial prepaid card management approach (Trial) is far from enough, the key is not well implemented. Should not be allowed to fitness, education and other industries outside the law, the central bank, the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of supervision and other ministries jointly issued regulations on commercial prepaid cards, so that a wider coverage, it is best to rise to相关的主题文章: