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Tonglu’s richest man Yu Weijiao: tact made of hard money most of all party dialogue help express Tonglu’s richest man Yu Weijiao: tact made of hard money, the main source of the surging news: thank the party after years of struggle, the 50 year old Yu Weijiao ushered in the first half of the peak moment. October 20th, Yuantong express on the Shanghai Stock Exchange listed A shares held ceremony, although the Yuantong Express (600233) fell 4.37%, but holds 61.5% stake in the company’s Yuantong Express chairman Yu Weijiao couple, still nearly 60 billion yuan of net worth, the summit express "Tonglu Gang" first rich. Recently, Yu Weijiao accept surging news and other media interviews, said, Ma Yun, they earn money is the technology and information of the, we rely on physical labor development, earn hard money." In the "three up" and SF EXPRESS 5 Chinese private express company head, Yu Weijiao is love in front of the public, and speech ability is better. In October 20th listed on the conference, Yu Weijiao will be his success of this society "gift" and "Yuantong 300 thousand employee contribution", "the first opportunity of development is the social development tact created." For the results of past struggles, Yu is also quite satisfied, express and the integration of China’s electricity supplier downstream, is the result of the integration of our wisdom and ma. After the electricity supplier downstream integration, China’s rapid economic development, China’s electricity supplier has also been rapid development." Yu Weijiao believes that the global courier and electricity supplier integration history has in the past, the next two or three years, Yuantong express business will continue rapid growth, "China express or Chinese business there are 3 to 5 years of development, I believe that at least 30% of the growth rate will be down." A 2015 business volume reached 3 billion 32 million, the market share reached 14.67%, achieved revenues of 12 billion 90 million yuan, net profit of 717 million yuan. Now, Yuantong Express has begun benchmarking FedEx, UPS, said "in 2020 to enter the industry and strive to the world’s top five." Accept surging news interview at the end of August, Yu Weijiao proposed that China private courier companies under a "battlefield" and open up international operation in two aspects in the industrial chain. Of course, the courier is always based on fast and convenient, otherwise, industry chain and internationalization will vanish like soap bubbles." Yu Weijiao told surging news. In China express industry growth slowed, the express industry into the "low profit era" of the situation, Yu Weijiao know tact direction where, "we must through the capital market leverage to quickly integrate the industry chain", "Yuantong future platform operators, to solve consumers to pay for utilities, including daily necessaries of tea the purchase of home service", "subject of our international express company, the future will be the financial sector". I believe that the next two to three years, China’s logistics will be the whole industry chain with the expansion of China express, or restructuring or merger, or transformation or slowly disappear." Yu Weijiao said. Zhang Xiaojuan and his wife a $60 billion fortune of Yu Weijiao, is a workaholic, likes playing on相关的主题文章: