The man hurried to do high credit card 200 thousand yuan take wings to itself foxpro6.0免费下载

The man hurried to do "high credit card" 200 thousand yuan "officer, I take wings to itself within the bank card money was cheated 200 thousand yuan." The morning of November 7th, Mr Yang came to Jiaojiang Public Security Bureau of Taizhou City Development Zone Branch hurried alarm. Originally, Mr. Yang received a high amount of credit card for the "good news", in accordance with the above phone number to get in touch with each other. As everyone knows, this is a trap set by criminals network. On the morning of October 25th, Mr. Yang’s mobile phone received a content as a sincere invitation to apply for my bank credit card, the next card fast, no cost……" SMS, just need a cash flow he did not want to call the phone number on the text. The other said, you can apply for a credit line of 500 thousand yuan for mr.. Subsequently, Mr. Yang will be in accordance with the requirements of the ID card and the company issued a business license issued to the other party. In October 26th, Mr. Yang received the other phone card has been called by application, is a $500 thousand credit limit, but must first deposit 200 thousand yuan to the bank savings card, the money belongs to the "verification", is to certify that Mr. Yang have repayment ability. The cards do eager Mr Yang find a friend borrowed money, the 200 thousand yuan deposit their savings card. In October 28th, the other said Mr. Yang’s deposit enough, you need to download a bank client on a Android smartphone. Yang in accordance with the instructions of the other side of the operation, enter their own savings card number, password and name. After a while, the other said, credit qualification verification passed, as long as the money exists in the card 4 days, you can do credit card. In November 6th, Mr. Yang in the query their savings card, found that 200 thousand yuan card has take wings to itself. Only then did he realize that he had been cheated. Police advise, in such cases, the suspect by sending text messages, send can handle the high amount of credit card information, and the use of various illegal means to obtain the victim’s name, telephone, credit card and identity information, with a certain degree of confusion, easy to be deceived. For credit cards, through formal channels, to perform normal procedures.相关的主题文章: