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How to relieve the working pressure of   3 strokes for high education people workplace decompression original title: how to alleviate the pressure of work 3 strokes workplace hypertension people decompression the modern workplace is like a huge pressure cooker — not to worry about file Secretary boss at the meeting, the sales director if guests ask too much, the marketing department staff one day 12 hours of work, but also study hard at night…… Each of the pressure triggered at any moment if the wise, the boss also occasionally get relief measures under the compassionate. But usually, the pressure from the work itself is enough to bring you down. Is it really crazy to leave? Actually otherwise. British survey pointed out that there are 15% to 25% local staff in his career, the emergence of mental health problems. British people suffer from mental health problems each year, up to 80 million people, wasting a lot of human resources. The prince Wells hospital early in a survey of more than 1000 people surveyed staff in the past month, a total of nearly 260 days of sick leave, most of them feel tired, nervous and worried, the other said not sleep well, feel difficult to decide, and symptoms often have been half a year or more. Today, and other large cities have a similar high pressure workplace. The workload is big, worry about company closures, layoffs, pay cuts, personnel complex, long working hours, work often change roles are vague, the staff of compression. Serious problems can lead to staff mental problems, so the pressure in the workplace in the crowd to find their emotional problems, self rescue. Meditation is a very important way to relieve stress. Meditation is not about moving things under pressure. Some people think go to the mountains to find a no sound at all places to meditation, but these are the negative method. We live in the environment, there must be a dead end of the work, or through a variety of unpleasant things, the pressure is inevitable, the problem is how we face. Learn meditation, is the basic condition that pressure processing method includes: before and after the daily practice — daily morning, lunch, and before sleep, take a few minutes to make 10-15 a deep breath, let the breath to settle down, and give time to rest. Learn to let go — through relaxing music, meditation, reading and introspection, try to put down the heart worries. In the flurry of self-regulation in fact, many office workers are often faced with heavy work, resulting in emotional distress, psychological doctor thinks is not self regulating reason. Some people often feel very hectic, but through self adjustment, can achieve the orderly chaos. For example, when a lot of things to deal with, you can take a piece of paper, the need to deal with a list of things, think about the priorities of various things, if anything to deal with immediately? What can be handed over to others? What can be faced later? As long as there is a schedule, the feeling of confusion can be reduced. In addition, each time period is only suitable for one thing, they do not have to cope with the number of things at the same time, the pressure will be less pressure from too hectic, if you do not know how to quiet and attention, there will be a lot of anxiety. You know, the more focused, the more相关的主题文章: