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Longgang East strategy power take-off, where the Henggang property market will go? – activities – Shenzhen Locke network?? August 27th afternoon, Heng Yue Lake held a "wind back to Longgang, the city of Shenzhen property market environment to enjoy" swordsman forum salon, 6 real estate circles famous coffee to discuss the "East" under Henggang’s future trend. The event, six experts for the future development of Henggang each one airs his own views, have expressed their views, and to the guests answering questions, opportunities and development in Henggang in the "East strategy" and "13th Five-Year" plan was discussed from the aspects of. ?? On the future of the Henggang property market have unlimited imagination?? the constant investment in the development of the sales manager Qiu Hongping said in a speech to welcome, Henderson is a very responsible enterprise, in addition to 3000 municipal park by constant capital construction, two-way four lane Lake Community in front of the transformation of Yue Heng Yi Lu just started, but also by the constant capital construction. No matter as Henggang eastking community good old case, or to start construction this year, hang Yue Lake are seriously to obtain District key project title, the constant to have the confidence to create the real quality of Yue Lake livable community. ?? Shenzhen East strategy, Henggang has the most likely to change, here take high-quality property, the prospect is very considerable. Heng Yue Lake is in the east of Henggang, the only way which must be passed one step ahead, seize the opportunity, active docking, to actively integrate into the Henggang real estate, to assume the role of benchmarking, become a major force in the rise of the central Longgang. Henggang prices will rise, and listen to six experts say? ?? At the beginning of the development in Longgang, Yue Lake in the future, the six Musketeers made their professional speech on the activities of issues, share their years of professional knowledge and interact with you. Longgang industrial layout, the ability to build rich. "Under the Shenzhen East strategic planning, Henggang as the east bridgehead, industrial layout is complete, has a strong ability to create rich, in such a good development prospects in the region, there is such a good Yue Lake project, such a good product." — real estate commentator Artest laosheng. The future city center, the Golden Corridor for investors. "Shenzhen had been all the way to the west, West, Qianhai, nowhere to go. Open east strategic planning, from Luohu to Buji, to Henggang, to the Longgang city center, has been to the future of Huizhou, the central axis will become the gold corridor, will attract more investors and buyers." —   Shenzhen Polytechnic Institute of real estate research Deng Zhiwang. ?? Hang Yue Lake, the future appreciation of the project quality. The rapid development of the East Power Strategy of Longgang, Henggang is taking off, the Henggang region compared with other regions, the current price is still in the value of low-lying area off Henggang prices will continue to improve, so constant to prepare the Yue Lake project, is likely to continue to rise after the high quality project owners have to." Shenzhen, the ten major real estate blog, Sohu real estate theory pioneer totem mirror. Perfect traffic, will attract more investors. Talked about the traffic, in front of the project is Nanping, Shuiguan and Longgang Avenue, and.相关的主题文章: