The Obama administration has announced that TPP’s analysis of Trump’s handling of the death penalty mine_清翼

The Obama administration announced that TPP Trump analysis is sentenced to death – the Sohu news according to voice of America website 13 reported that the U.S. trade representative’s office said that before Trump’s inauguration, the office will cease to seek congressional approval for TPP, and that the future will be decided by the agreement between the new president and the new Congress next year inauguration the. The report said the decision was tantamount to a "death penalty" for the trade agreement". According to the "South China Morning Post" 14 reported that Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo in a speech today in the Council also said that the TPP is in great trouble, but the TPP is not completely "death", the Japanese government will later in the week and the Trump team contact, to the other party that Japan’s position. According to Reuters reported on November 14th, the Bank of Japan President Kuroda Higashihiko said on Monday that if the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) fails, the United States and Japan’s economy will lose huge benefits in the future. According to Japan’s Asahi news previously reported on 10, the Japanese parliament has passed the TPP agreement under the free trade agreement, but TPP is a great challenge to the future development of the situation encountered the new American president Trump came to power. Kuroda Higashihiko on Monday met with Japanese business leaders in Nagoya said: "TPP is a milepost significance of the agreement, if signed, will greatly benefit the Japanese economy; on the contrary, if the agreement is not passed, it means that can bring great benefits agreement can not be achieved." According to the China Foreign Ministry website 14 news, foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang in response to media questions from TPP said that China is conducive to the promotion of economic integration in the Asia Pacific region to promote trade and investment liberalization and facilitation of trade arrangements in principle hold a positive and open attitude. At the same time, China maintains that the relevant trade arrangements should follow the rules of the WTO and help strengthen the multilateral trading system. Between trade arrangements should promote each other to prevent the emergence of fragmentation, but should not politicize the economic and trade arrangements. Trump repeatedly criticized the TPP value in the campaign, he said the United States should attach great importance to bilateral trade agreements and multilateral, he repeatedly pointed out that he will take office in January 20th as soon as the end of their initial TPP scheme.相关的主题文章: