Scale of 64 billion 500 million yuan from the earnings to see the development trend of the Korean ga-caxa实体设计

The scale of 64 billion 500 million yuan [Korean game industry development trend from the results the author: Sina watch game daily] the current Mobile Games rise is an indisputable fact that, in the days before the Korean culture, sports and Tourism Ministry and Han Guowen statistics agency announced, due to the Mobile Games industrial explosive expansion, the Korean game market the size of a year-on-year growth of 7.5%, reached 10 trillion and 720 billion won (about 64 billion 500 million yuan). The PC online games have been affected, the market share for the first time below the 50% mark. Early games Daily has launched the "SONY Nintendo led a number of Japanese game company’s revenue once again showing declining state" of a text, the Japanese game manufacturer quarterly earnings analysis, the game of South Korean game makers daily quarterly earnings, see the development trend of the Korean game industry how. Kakao Q3 sales rose 70% sector income rose 187.2% the content of South Korea Kakao company in 10 announced third quarter earnings, according to K-IFRS statistics show that the company’s third quarter sales of 391 billion 400 million won, operating profit of 30 billion 300 million won. From the beginning of the first quarter of this year, Kakao showed more rapid growth in the third quarter of the new game "sword and sorcery" drive, the main works and new online games have a greater increase in sales of mobile phone business, compared with the same period last year growth of 52.7%, to reach 78 billion 500 million won. Music business and LOEN entertainment in the case of in-depth cooperation is also an increase of 5.5% compared with the previous quarter, the final revenue of 95 billion 500 million won. In addition, Kakao Page comics with the network also allows the company to get 24 billion 400 million won in the third quarter revenue, an increase of 12.8%. In addition, the overall performance of the content sector rose 4.2% compared with the previous quarter, representing an increase of 187.2% over the same period last year, was won by 198 billion 400 million. The game business, the company will gradually consolidate the foundation, the future will launch Kung Fu Panda 3 For Kakao, friends of the little game For Kakao, Friends Popcorn and other game works. NCsoft Q3 netted 280 million South Korean company NCsoft 10 officially announced the company’s third quarter earnings. Third quarter sales of 217 billion 600 million won (about RMB 1 billion 280 million), operating profit of 65 billion 100 million won (about RMB 380 million), net profit of 47 billion 900 million won (about RMB 280 million). Third quarter sales, the Korean market was won by 142 billion 700 million, the North American market in Europe was won by the Japanese market for the won of the Taiwan won the market, won $10 billion 300 million won, the copyright income of 24 billion 200 million won by 12 billion 800 million won in. The game, "heaven" and "heaven 2" 83 billion 800 million won 20 billion 600 million won, 16 billion 100 million won the "eternal tower", "sword of the spirit of" 40 billion 100 million won, 15 billion 300 million won 2 "battle". In addition, "heaven", "heaven 2" and ".相关的主题文章: