Juventus vs Udine J look forward to the impact of five consecutive victories in the little prince Co-姉summer

VS Udine J: the impact of prospective Juventus five straight little prince [information] exposure return center or join in Juventus helped Bayern won the Champions League Dibala comeback Tencent sports October 14th Beijing time 2:45 on October 16th, 2016-17 season, the eighth round of Serie A, Juventus (official data) at Juventus arena against Udine J tucci. Marchisio is expected to return from injury, coach Delneri Udine J will battle against old club. Tencent sports games will be broadcast live, please stay tuned! After the end of the game to watch 1, especially before the 7 round of Wenchong five game winning streak, Juventus topped the ranking with 18 points, while Udine J ranked sixteenth with 7 points. Juve nearly four excellent results, not only achieved four victories and scored 12 goals without losing a ball. The two teams played 89 games in history, Juventus scored a total of 57 students with a total of 19 draws and 13 losses, scored a total of 175 goals and scored a total of 69 goals, including the home game against Udine J in the first place, with a record of 32 wins, 5 draws and 7 losses. Last season, Juventus lost home court, away 4 to 0 victory over. Since August 24, 2015 after the defeat to Udine J, Juventus competitions 28 unbeaten home court, nearly 17 serie a home court victory. This season, the 4 home games, Juventus scored 3 wins and 1 draws. It is worth emphasizing that a win at Juventus arena away is Udine J, last season first round of Serie A, Taylor’s goal to help Udine J beat juventus. 2, before the devil race three will return Juventus in the next 23 days will usher in the 7 battle, the opponent in the Champions League two leg against Lyon, Serie A rivals including AC Milan, Sampdoria and Naples. Chahar, roghani, PIA Asamoah to absent because of injury, but the Allegri campaign has also been good news, Marchisio, Bei Nadia, Chiellini will return from injury. The starting line-up against Palermo in April 17th, Marchisio played just 16 minutes due to injury exit from a cruciate ligament after 6 months, Marchisio has been absent because of injury. Baala, 3 grams of chicken "slow motion", Man Giulia Kikki, Baala this will partner up front, and two national team games are starting Gonzalo Higuain as a substitute. The 5 time in Serie A against Udine J, Gonzalo Higuain to participate in the 4 ball (2 goals and 2 assists), the last round of the season against the round of the game, the players have scored a goal for both sides of the ball, the ball in the first round of the game, the United States and the United States in the second round of the game against the United States in the two round. Dibalaze called Udine J nemesis, last season on the road against Udine J, Dibala scored 2 goals and 2 assists, scoring 4 goals in all juve. Occupation career 5 times against Udine J, Dibala for participation in the 7 ball (3 goals and 4 assists, averaging 1.4 goals in). 4, Delneri fights against old club three iachini after being fired, former Juventus coach Fabio Delneri took office. 2010-11 season, 50 games Delneri coached Juventus made 20 wins 19 flat 11 negative results, winning only 40%, was eventually dismissed juventus. In Genoa, Delneri has coached the Verona, and Udine J took the pointer, but the first at Juventus arena, Delneri will once again accept the test. Before the speech Alai)相关的主题文章: