Ai Fukuhara kimono debut wedding conference after the Tokyo Olympic Games (video)-小坂めぐる

Ai Fukuhara married in Tokyo conference unveiled kimono wedding day Olympic media exposure Ai Fukuhara has married Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie of the Taipei table tennis players, new sports Tencent September 21st conference husband this morning Beijing time 10, 11 pm Tokyo time, Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie are the new marriage conference held in a hotel in Tokyo. Fukuhara Ai and the kimono, and Jiang Hongjie in a suit and say hello to everyone in japanese. There are more than 19 TV stations from around the world, including more than 100 reporters, the scene is very lively. Ai Fukuhara publicly expressed his desire to campaign for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and was supported by her husband, Jiang Hongjie. Jiang Hongjie is learning Japanese "please" by the Japanese media since the Japanese media broke the news after married, Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie has not responded during the China open, when asked about the marriage, Jiang Hongjie tactfully "private problem is not on the court said." On the grounds, declined an interview. At the beginning of the press conference, Ai Fukuhara and Jiang Hongjie appeared together, which is also the first time since the love, the first appearance in front of the media. Ai Fukuhara, the first Japanese announce formally introduced Jiang Hongjie and husband to everybody, Ai Fukuhara explained why today wearing a kimono said: "this means that I will not forget he was born in Japan, although I married in Taiwan, still will take into account the feelings of the fans in japan." Then Jiang Hongjie spoke to reporters in japanese. Jiang Hongjie later said with a smile, before their repeated the exercise several times, each time the tension to the wrong, unexpectedly came to power after a word is not wrong, but also let him a false alarm. Ai Fukuhara admit two people met fell in love with Ai Fukuhara in April 2015 published a blog of public affair, after she was caught in a low mood because of injury. During this period of healing days, Jiang Hongjie launched a campaign of love to her, two people are in the spring of 2015 to begin formal communication. Shortly after the blessing of love river exposure, during the Rio Olympic qualifier in Asia, some people in the streets of Hongkong witnessed the couple hand in hand scene. In the Rio Olympic Games opening ceremony, two people affectionately left a photo, very happy. When asked what the charm of Jiang Hongjie, Ai Fukuhara disclosed that he was attracted by the Jiang Hongjie, he is careful and inclusive. "No matter how small trivial, he will help me out not to mind taking the trouble to. No matter how headstrong I am, he is the one who will always understand me and support me." Ai Fukuhara said. Jiang Hongjie designed the ball ring elements of the conference site, Jiang Hongjie Ai Fukuhara wear ring moment, this lovely girl become the happiest woman in the world. In order to order a proposal ring, Jiang Hongjie is forever after the replacement of diamond brand, and ultimately by their own design. Jiang Hongjie said to join the ping-pong ring design concept, especially for his wife made. "Table tennis (table tennis) is a small and I love the way of life, so it is very meaningful to customize the ring. A symbol of our love, and let us reason to conclude marriage two." "I like the table tennis very much, so I like it very much." When Jiang Hongjie was wearing a ring for Ai Fukuhara, the sweet response. I hope to continue to represent Japan in the Tokyo Olympic Games Ai Fukuhara.相关的主题文章: