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Australia man to support charity treadmill even run 24 hours – Sports Sohu   September 11th Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, two 24 year old man in Queensland Australia, in order to raise money for a local cancer association, decided to run 24 hours continuous challenge on a treadmill, a total of more than 132 km distance running. The two men named Christopher Evans and Anthony Seidman, they hope to raise local cancer society 6000 Australian dollars (about 30202.2 yuan), in order to achieve the target of 20 thousand Australian dollars (about 100674 yuan). For the past 10 weeks, they have been preparing for the break. In the end, they also succeeded, after the completion of the challenge, the two immediately photographed uploaded to the Internet: we just ran on the treadmill for 24 hours. This challenge was just an idea, it can be turned into a real incredible." Evans and Seidman have also completed the marathon race, the two plan to run more than 2500 kilometers by the end of this year, continue to support charity. (Alse)相关的主题文章: