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The Baltic Sea, the legend and the end of the kingdom of Lithuania [Abstract] a Catholic convert the knights in Costa Mingda under the help of the final victory in the civil war in 1253, and in July of the same year six 6 was crowned king of Lithuania, and the annual July 6th also in 1991 after the independence of Lithuania become the country of Lithuania Memorial day. Speaking of the Baltic Sea, most people in China may not be familiar with it. If you have an impression of the junior high school geography textbooks may think of this is the world’s lowest salinity sea. But in addition, the Baltic Sea is really no fame. Located in the southeast of the Baltic Sea, three small countries, from south to north, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. To say nothing of the Baltic Sea, the Baltic Sea is estimated to be less famous. Love basketball people probably know Lithuania’s basketball team is good; familiar with IT people may know Estonia’s IT industry is good; interested in European culture people probably know that Riga is the capital of Latvia, was once a year in the European capital of culture. A little far to say, many people may remember in the last century in 90s, it is Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia in the republics to declare independence, be pushed to the Soviet Union first Domino. The disintegration of the Soviet Union after the three also appears in a number of personal independence of conduct among the CIS countries. With the growing influence of Russia, the three countries is no obstacle to join the eu. In contrast, Ukraine wants to step three footsteps to join the European Union is now being mired in the civil war. The Baltic Sea at the end of the world, the forgotten corner, there is a kind of fate in history? In modern times, how to be incorporated into the territory of the Soviet Union? In the Soviet Union when the great mansion on the point of collapse of the Baltic countries, and why is it so desperate to escape the Soviet Union? As a former Soviet Republic, why can easily join the EU? In order to fully understand the real situation of the three Baltic countries sandwiched between Russia and Europe, we have to return to the beginning of the story – Europe in the year thirteenth Century. After the first World War, the newly independent Baltic States, the boundaries of the country, are now in a corner of Christianity, which was forgotten in thirteenth Century. West of the Church of Rome is still at its golden age, although the eastern Mediterranean Crusader countries have early fatigue, but also the unity of the Catholic world, from Western Europe after hundreds of years of bloody wars of religion is still very far away. East of the Byzantine Empire, although in early thirteenth Century after the fall of Constantinople’s nightmare, but centuries before the missionary efforts have been made in Eastern Orthodox Slavs is widely spread. At this time the only Christian Church in Europe was forgotten in the corner of the northeast coast of the Baltic sea. The Baltic region is rich in natural resources, Lithuania and Latvia ancestors began and Romans engaged in trade in ancient Rome period, the Romans used for metal product quality amber Baltic seafood. In first Century ad, the ancient Rome historian Tasito (Tacitus) in his famous "Germania" (The) in the Baltic region:相关的主题文章: