Shares in Guangdong Province to expand the electric bicycle was cut line to steal battery and other -纪元1701

Shanghai electric bike sharing was cut line growth such as destruction of shared bicycle battery to steal the growing electric vehicle was also damaged bike sharing can be said to be a very stylish way to travel today, in addition to the "Mobell" brand, a kind of electric bicycle called "enjoy the ride", also joined the big family bike sharing. However, as Mobell and, it also failed to escape by stealing and destroying the fate. "Electric bicycle maintenance personnel enjoy the ride" is considered the destruction of car repair, these cars have is artificially secretly locked, is a public private car, just want to own a person every day, do not want to share with you. Enjoy the ride in the headquarters, dozens of electric bicycles from various outlets shipped are waiting for repair, some cushion disappeared, some battery was stolen, some wire is cut off, and the two-dimensional code is destroyed. Maintenance personnel said that the average maintenance down every day, one, twenty, almost 5% of the man-made damage. Enjoy riding in April this year, starting from Minhang start. The relative Mobell bicycle to solve the last mile, it can be said that to solve the last ten kilometers". Average cost of 2 yuan per hour. For the car was damaged, some users are very indignant. Users say this behavior is shameful, especially without morality. Public facilities will be more love, because we are to be used! Operator said, in fact, each body is equipped with GPS chips and 4G network chips, you can clearly locate. On this map, all the red dots indicate the car in the abnormal condition. Some are far away in Baoshan, Jinshan and other areas, completely beyond the scope of use. Shanghai enjoy riding the electric car service Co. Ltd technical director Huang Qi said: "as far as Baoshan, the Jiading side, we have to go over, but also some distant, may go to Anhui to go, we can’t catch back, can call the police." The next year, will enjoy the ride layout in Shanghai, more than 200 thousand electric bicycles. The face part of the user’s hand, operators have countermeasures. Shanghai enjoy riding the electric car service company limited assistant chairman Zhao Yuanhao told reporters: "look at the news Knews say we should reinforce the lock of the battery, wires to buried in the car, do not give you the opportunity to cut, the tire replaced all solid tyre." "" "Shanghai today recommended: Shanghai 2017 Medicare and rural residents continue to increase government investment adjustment: 23000 weather Qingnuan drive" garden hot "temperature of Shanghai" diving at next week’s show hall "the boss owed wages of more than 160 women jailed for take 9 Medicare card prescription and then sold the cumulative amount of more than 16 in Shanghai man eating fried grasshopper severe allergic vomiting risk they" "" wonderful video Webcast: hair can also get rich India Temple monopoly hair make $160 million a year after the 00 followers of Eason Chan and Jay Chou’s concert cover Faye Wong Hu Geyang power with rare whisper: "the box Senzo" short poems fingertips, at any time the illegal traffic! Sweep under the two-dimensional code, focus on Tencent Dashen network! Welcome to pay attention to the big Tencent Shen Wangwei letter (micro signal: dashenw)相关的主题文章: