Changchun Nanguan District large-scale joint law enforcement to clean up the low rent housing nail h-姉summer

The large-scale joint enforcement clean up low rent housing "nail households" Huimin Greenville District Changchun Nanguan District public rental Nanguan District, a total of 2168 households in one or two. In November 8th, according to the "white Taohuajie" broke the news, Changchun Nanguan District, Huimin Greenville, low rent housing low standard, accounting for householders, not to live, do not comply with the provisions of the state, legal loophole. The government has taken coercive measures to give out! After a paragraph of text is also equipped with a number of uniformed people in the district law enforcement photos. For a time, it is what makes the government There were many discussions., "go to war"? Low rent housing and how the "nail house"? What is the violation of the provisions? China Jilin network reporter conducted a survey. Hundreds of people broke the news according to the joint law enforcement person, 8 on the morning of 7 pm, weekdays become quiet residential racket. A lot of people in uniform came over, looked at more than and 100 people, plus a lot of people watching the lively, small courtyard can have a few hundred people. I heard that some people do not meet the conditions, living in low-cost housing does not move, the government to enforce the." White peach robbed told reporters. The scene of a lot of people have been moved out of the house, moving companies have come, the government said to help move. The district is a variety of household goods." 8 at 3 pm, the reporter arrived at the southern New South Gate area, Huimin Greenville area, the reporter noted that the district lively scene has receded, calm all the way. Reporter learned from the mouth of the mouth of the mouth of the security and broke the news almost consistent with the information. This morning, many old people, there are a lot of police, as well as 120, that is not in line with the provisions of many tenants do not live here, people can not contact. They moved all of them out and put them in the warehouse, waiting for them to take it." Security told reporters. The property company an anonymous manager in an interview with reporters, said: "in today’s compulsory levy back before the property has been with the streets and Housing Bureau staff to do a lot of counseling work, there are many do not meet the requirements of operators take the initiative to move out. Today is the rest of the householders, the government made great efforts to clean up, clean up after it has gone wrong, after all." Reporters learned from the mouth of the staff of the property, the joint law enforcement continued throughout the morning, involving a total of 18 households in the district. Why the low rent housing a nail? In an interview with reporters constantly heard will not move the tenants called "nail households". So, why the low rent housing will appear in the "nail house"? Originally, the reason why there will be reluctant to move the nail, because I have been here before, for low rent housing in the implementation of dynamic management. Reporters learned that, because low-cost housing is necessary to provide housing for low-income families. So the low rent housing and low income households have been inseparable, but low household identity is sustained will affect the low rent housing to rent. Changchun, chief of Nanguan District Bureau of housing and urban housing security, Zhao Ting cited several examples for journalists to understand. For example, there are a lot of low income households in a few years ago is.相关的主题文章: