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News contact interactive acquisition of U.S. electricity supplier – the transaction price is not clear [TechWeb] September 9th news reports, according to informed sources revealed to TechWeb, A shares of listed companies offer the United States recently contact interactive electricity supplier newegg. The proposed transferee interaction part of American Newegg and its equity capital, the specific amount of capital is not yet known. TechWeb this message to contact the interactive direction of the authenticity of this message, as of press time has not received a reply. TechWeb informed public information inquiries, Newegg was founded in 2001, headquartered in Losangeles, has many branches in the world, is the second largest e-commerce companies in North America IT CE category. This interaction released restructuring statement, excluding the three subject of the transaction, will no longer be Chengdu fish, Shanghai Jing Da, Le Beijing United win as the underlying assets. People familiar with the matter at this time has exposed its offer Newegg, how likely is it? With the current cross-border business in which the policy of good direction, interaction acquisition Newegg but it is not impossible. VR AR is a hot topic in the current issue, the capital market is also mainly optimistic about the future development direction, interaction rely on many years of operation, has long been integrated from the bottom of the "OS equipment operation content" of the VR AR industry chain. This line of business can be combined and Newegg users. As the North American well-known business enterprise, has a huge game with new user interaction and fancier, once Newegg together. The number of users will be directly into the first batch of VR AR products early adopters. Of course, the greater the market is also in the bilateral cooperation in cross-border electricity supplier, which is a trillion market. (Wang Kaka)相关的主题文章: