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Three meals a day to eat chili airline stewardess was diagnosed colorectal cancer three meals a day, he must eat chili, no spicy hungry eat something wrong with the airline stewardess, found to the hospital for medical treatment, simple abdominal pain into colorectal cancer, fortunately discovered in time, save lives. 39 year old stewardess, abdominal pain was found colorectal cancer, a 39 year old stewardess, suddenly feel abdominal pain, after gynecological examination found no abnormalities, and in Tumor Markers Screening found tumor signal. Through colonoscopy, the diagnosis of colorectal tumors reached metaphase. After understanding, the original airline stewardess is especially fond of spicy, 3 meals a day meal must have hot, plus in the flight mission often stays up late, lack of exercise at the same time, it is easy to cause the occurrence of colorectal cancer. Experts say colorectal cancer is the third largest cancer in the world and the fourth in China, with a mortality rate of fifth, and 400 thousand people worldwide suffer from colorectal cancer every year. Including the pathogenic factors of colorectal cancer: high fat, high protein, low cellulose, promote bile secretion, promote bile acid decomposition activity of intestinal anaerobic bacteria to produce carcinogens, can also cause obesity; tumor necrosis factor induced DNA damage and cancer; constipation caused toxin retention stimulate intestinal wall induced carcinogenesis. Because of dietary reasons, colorectal cancer is actually a kind of wealth disease. The family of 7 people have found colorectal cancer experts, research found that colorectal cancer risk factors include: genetic factors, colorectal adenoma, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis. The performance of the five rectal cancer clinical symptoms include: intestinal irritation and changes of defecation, hematochezia, intestinal obstruction, abdominal mass, anemia and wasting late symptoms of poisoning. Last year, a 70 year old man from Anshan was hospitalized for mid stage colorectal cancer and recovered well after surgery. Coincidentally, a year later, two middle-aged patient doctor was actually the children of the elderly, the two brothers appear symptoms of hematochezia. Experts recommend that older siblings, children and grandchildren should be screened for colorectal cancer. A family that followed the doctor’s advice was actually diagnosed with colorectal cancer. Among them, the elder brother, the elderly, the other two children and one grandchild all detected early colorectal cancer. After corresponding treatment, the patient recovered well and was discharged from hospital. Experts pointed out that there is a close relationship between colorectal cancer and dietary habits, prevention should be the mediation diet of less to eat oil, sugar, salt; the amount of dairy products, meat, fish, eggs and beans; eat more vegetables and fruits; eat most grains. And to improve living habits, adhere to exercise, avoid obesity, constipation, regular physical examination, is the right way to prevent colorectal cancer.

空姐一日三餐顿顿吃辣椒 被检查出大肠癌   一天三顿饭,顿顿必须吃辣椒,无辣不欢的空姐吃出了毛病,去医院就医时发现,简单的腹痛变成了大肠癌,好在发现及时,挽救了生命。   39岁空姐腹痛被查出大肠癌   一名39岁的空姐,突然感到腹痛,在妇科检查后并未发现异常,而在肿瘤标记物筛查中,发现了肿瘤信号。通过肠镜检查,确诊大肠上肿瘤达到中期。   经过了解,原来空姐特别爱吃辣,一天三顿必须顿顿有辣,加上在航班上执行任务经常熬夜,同时缺乏运动,很容易造成大肠癌的发生。   专家称,大肠癌是排在世界第三位、中国第四位的恶性肿瘤,死亡率为第五位,全世界每年40万人患大肠癌。   大肠癌致病因素包括:高脂、高蛋白、低纤维素,促进胆汁分泌,胆酸分解物促进肠内厌氧菌酶活性,产生致癌物;肥胖也能引起肿瘤坏死因子激发DNA损害造成癌症发生;还有便秘导致毒素滞留刺激肠壁引发癌变。   因为饮食上的原因,大肠癌实际上是一种富贵病。   家族7人先后查出肠癌   专家介绍,研究发现大肠癌的高危因素包括:遗传因素、大肠腺瘤、克隆氏病、溃疡性结肠炎。而直肠癌临床表现五大症状包括:肠刺激和排便习惯改变、便血、肠梗阻、腹部肿块、贫血消瘦晚期中毒症状。   去年,一名来自鞍山的70岁老人因中期大肠癌住院治疗,术后恢复良好。巧合的是,一年后,医生接诊的两名中年病人竟是老人的孩子,兄弟二人出现便血症状。   专家建议,包括老人的兄弟姐妹、子女、孙辈都进行大肠癌筛查。   听从医生建议的一家,竟真的被查出大肠癌的情况。其中老人的兄弟、老人另外两个孩子及一名孙辈均查出早期大肠癌。经过相应治疗,病人恢复良好,并已陆续出院。   专家指出,大肠癌与人的饮食习惯有密切的关系,预防应从调解饮食入手,减少吃油、糖、盐类;适量吃奶制品、肉、鱼、蛋及豆类;多吃些瓜菜类、水果类;吃最多五谷类。而改善生活习惯,坚持运动避免肥胖,治疗便秘,定期体检,才是预防大肠癌的正确途径。相关的主题文章: