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UnCategorized Here is my description of the top ten offenses in the NFL. This list is based on offensive statistics. This was written after week seven so things may change from now to later in the season. 10. Philadelphia Eagles: While they may be struggling to win games, that doesn’t make their offense any less potent. Donovan McNabb is practically throwing over 200 yards a game. Rookie wide receiver Desean Jackson usually leads the way in stats for the wide out core. Their key divisional losses to Dallas and Washington were both less than a touchdown. 9. Atlanta Falcons: In his last game against Chicago, Matt Ryan threw for over 300 yards passing. He is impressing a lot of people with his skills as a rookie quarterback. Definitely a candidate for rookie of the year on offense. Atlanta has a good offensive line that gives Ryan plenty of time to make good decisions. Michael Turner has given excellent production at running back with three games over 100 yards rushing. 8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tied for first with Carolina in their division, Matt Gruden has yet again created a high powered offense with his Bucs. Now that they’ve finally found their quarterback in Jeff Garcia they can start winning more games. They could still use help in the receiving department, but it is enough to get by with for now. 7. Washington Redskins: Thanks to Clinton Portis the Redskins are third in rushing yards per game with about 158 per game. Also, Jason Campbell has really come to fruition as a quarterback and can hang with the big boys now. 6. Arizona Cardinals: They have the most points per game in the league with a 29.5 average. They are also second in the league for passing yards per game. Kurt Warner is starting to throw like he;s back in his glory days with the St.Louis Rams. Having Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin as receivers (before Boldin got hurt) really helps too. Warner’s stats may go down without Boldin. 5. Houston Texans: Matt Shaub and Andre Johnson are putting up great numbers this year. They’re just not good enough to win more games than they lose. Yes, the defense is to blame. Steve Slaton has also been a surprise, performing exceedingly well at running back. 4. Denver Broncos: They are atop of the AFC west division right now. Jay Cutler has been solid this year at quarterback and Brandon Marshall has been awesome at wide receiver. Although they got shutdown by the Patriots in their last game, they should bounce back fairly quickly. 3. Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys have the third highest passing yards per game average. They are unstoppable when Tony Romo and Terrell Owens are on a hot streak. Now they picked up Roy Williams from Detroit to compliment their receiving corps. Once Romo is back from his injury they should be picking teams apart with their passing game. The question is will their defense hold up so they can win games? 2. N.Y. Giants: The Superbowl champs are still looking like winners. They have the most rushing yards and points per game average in the league. Eli Manning is playing great this year, for the first few games was playing better than his brother Peyton. Brandon Jacobs is paving the way through the ground attack. The Giants are on top of their division and will have to fight the other contenders till the end of the season. There could be three teams in the playoffs from the NFC East. 1. New Orleans Saints: With about 310 passing yards per game the Saints are a fun team to watch. Now that Marques Colston and Jeremy Shockey are coming back, watch out! They could use improvement in their running game. Reggie Bush is a big threat as he has returned two punt returns for touchdowns in one game! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: