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A heroine in battle, Yang Yao’s ancient tourism Sohu – the ancient capital of eight dynasties opened, since the Northern Song Dynasty is known as the Wu Yang package name, the story of a hero, in the Northern Song Dynasty have been widely spread in the folk. Yanggujiang manmen Zhonglie, capable of evoking praises and tears. Well-proportioned tenbofull building stagger, feiyandougong throughout, the characters and cultural themes can complement each other, noble feelings more deeply. Yang Jun to serve the country, serve on the battlefield and the spirit of sacrifice, in memory of historical facts and feelings in a spiritual baptism and sublimation. Tianbo Yang Fu is the Northern Song Dynasty anti Liao Yang’s Industry Mansion, legend story of a hero already known to every family all existing buildings, reconstruction, belonging to the opening song of the ancient city of cultural industry park. Here is a rough atmosphere of the North Garden, South and garden exquisite. Inside, feel the sky Yang Fu of the overall construction of simple and elegant, dignified and luxurious, but also because of its compact layout, the South and the two Pan Yang Lake, Lake everywhere so very Jiangnan garden style pavilions, terraces and open halls. Hospital buildings, surrounded by water and mountains, rippling, rather Jiangnan private garden style. The garden of the northern part of a seat two layer single eaves Xieshan Pavilion, had no name. It is said that Song Taizong is very appreciate Yang poor adulation character, special Chijian breeze had no sky dripping floor, be encouraged. For thousands of years, the story told endless, Audiocast overseas. The first generation of gold knife old public Yang Jiye, Yang Jiye has 7 sons and a son, six son named Yang Nobuaki, also known as Yang, Yang Zong Bao son, Munebo Yuukofumihiro, the son Yu huai. Fugitive include with (Yang Jiye’s wife) and her daughter-in-law, you wife and two daughters (eight elder sister, nine sister), a girl Yang exhaust etc.. Among them, the most famous is Yang Zongbao’s wife, Mu Guiying. Yang warrior first into the five broad window Ying, Zhong Yan Xie Shanding for. This is known as a "martyr’s century" sculpture, Yang four generation hero Yang industry, Yang Yanzhao, Yang Zongbao, Yang Wenguang handheld weapon according to the four corners of the world. A sword elder, nature is "gold knife" old public Yang industry. The famous writer Ou Yangxiu once praised Yang and his son Yang Yanzhao are famous, known as the brave invincible, so far as eight people in the world in the wild can be vertical, road. To Kaifeng Chrysanthemum Festival, Kaifeng people love chrysanthemum, every family has chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum tradition. Native Aiju, not only love the colorful flowers, more loving face cold spring frost in character, this is the opening people’s perseverance and enterprising spirit of the best symbol. This is called "colorful chrysanthemum chrysanthemum", not seen before, you heard? Colorful chrysanthemum chrysanthemum is a new species, in 2014 to cultivate success, in 2015 the public stunning debut, high-profile. Longting Park eye to jade, as innovations this year chrysanthemum Festival, decided to introduce Kaifeng qicaixuan chrysanthemum. In front of the hall of the boutique Juzhan Longting District, qicaixuan chrysanthemum a debut, attracting the attention of many tourists, become fully deserve the star. Autumn, mantingfang,.相关的主题文章: