A man pretending to miss a few months more than 10 yuan fraud clients kimi wo omou melodi

A man pretending to miss several months of fraud clients 10 yuan fraud Gang cheated by WeChat red cheated tens of thousands of funds. Tonglu police for figure original title: Zhejiang police cracked a trick prostitute fraud man pretending to call girl cheated 100 thousand months Beijing, November 15 Hangzhou Xinhua (trainee reporter Wang Gang correspondent Zhao Liujie Wang Zhe) at present, QQ software has brought a lot of convenience for people, has become a way of communication. But some people use the software to do illegal activities. 15 days, reporters from Tonglu County, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province Public Security Bureau was informed that the day before, Tonglu police successfully cracked the network trick prostitute fraud case, Hubei 5 suspects in the vicinity of the QQ people posing as "call Miss", and to "first pay the people" to implement fraud. Since June this year, the gang has cheated more than 10 yuan. Finally, the gang was caught the police in Zhejiang Tonglu. In mid October, the Tonglu police received a report from the masses, said, someone posing as Miss QQ fraud". Through the analysis of a large number of data retrieval and query, the police found that the gang main venue in Hubei city of Shiyan Danjiangkou city. Police immediately rushed to the Danjiangkou city track suspects, by squatting and tracked for more than and 10 days, the police arrested 2 suspects. And then follow it and captured the remaining 3 suspects. Let the police surprise, these so-called "call Miss", is actually big and tall man. Fraudsters arrested by the police. Tonglu police for map according to the suspect Lumou account, they first on the Internet through the QQ people near the head into some scantily clad girls, then leave the phone in character signature, and released some trick prostitute information, wait for someone to take the initiative to come, they immediately promised service content, and let the other pay first. In order to allow those who are willing to cheat money into the other account. The fraud Gang is made up of a variety of reasons, to be reached a preliminary intention after the transaction, it all seems to be "reasonable" reason to let the victim first pay the people, and the money is generally one hundred or two hundred yuan. When the victim paid the first sum of money, they will be to ensure the safety of the grounds of the young lady, asked the victim to pay a deposit of several thousand dollars, and even clothing props, etc.. As a result, these big and tall men to "Call Girl" identity and the success of defrauding the victim’s money. According to one of the suspects Jiang confessed that she was responsible for answering the phone, can receive up to more than and 200 phone calls from around the country every day, while the men as drivers and take money and other roles. It is understood that the gang began committing the crime in June of this year, see business good, followed by one after another to join the gang a total of 5 people, has accumulated more than 10 yuan cheated. In October 20th to be caught in just 4 days time, the gang cheated more than 40 thousand yuan. When people are generally through micro letter envelopes, remittance and money, one of the largest victim of the gang cheated 7600 yuan. According to police investigators, Lu, who specifically purchased the registered software to conduct information dissemination, you can camp相关的主题文章: