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A woman in Shangqiu to teach the husband disguised burglary alarm Dahe · client; Dahe reporter Chen Haifeng intern correspondent Chen Mengmeng Xie Feiwen figure Shangqiu a woman as "lessons" often go out at night to drink at home by her husband, fake robbery, false knife burglary alarm. After the alarm, Shangqiu City Public Security Bureau police linkage, the real situation quickly to account for this "case", and the false alarm Wang Moumou administrative detention in accordance with the law. At 23:27 on September 25th, Shangqiu City Public Security Bureau sun collection township police station 110 command center instructions said, the village eight village village Zhao Wang Zhuang village, a supermarket owner, Wang Moumou, was robbed by a man with a knife at home, robbed of cash 20 thousand yuan. After the alarm, the police quickly rushed to the scene, and promptly to the case of the City Public Security Bureau 110 command center feedback. Immediately, the city’s Public Security Bureau launched a major emergency response mechanism, organized police stations, criminal investigation and other departments of the police force rushed to the scene, to carry out case detection work. On the basis of investigating the case, the police analyzed and judged the information provided by the victims, and found that there were many doubtful points about the time and plot of the case. "The scene is very similar to the scene after burglary, we found the suspect after the previous handling experience, questioning the woman, finally, the woman realized the seriousness of the matter, and truthfully explained the whole process." Zhang Kunling, director of the police station of Sun Ji Township, said that after more than 3 hours of intense work, they found out that the woman Wang Moumou was originally a "lesson" often go out of the husband. At present, the public security organs in accordance with the law to lie alarm situation disturbing public order Wang Moumou administrative detention for ten days. Related links according to the "People’s Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law" provisions of article twenty-fifth, spread rumors, false danger, epidemic, alarm or otherwise intentionally disrupt public order, at the following five days or ten days in detention, may impose a fine of five hundred yuan; if the circumstances are relatively minor, five days detention or five hundred yuan fine.

商丘一女子为“教训”丈夫 伪装家中遭劫报警 大河报·大河客户端记者 陈海峰 实习生 陈萌萌 通讯员 谢飞 文图商丘一女子为“教训”经常晚上外出喝酒的丈夫,在家伪造被抢劫现场,谎报持刀入室抢劫警情。接警后,商丘市公安局多警种联动,迅速查明了这起“案件”的真实情况,并对谎报警情的王某某依法行政拘留。9月25日23时27分,商丘市公安局孙付集乡派出所接110指挥中心指令称,该乡田八庄村委会赵王庄村一超市女主人王某某在家遭一男子持刀抢劫,抢走现金2万元。接警后,民警迅速赶至现场,并及时将案件向改市公安局110指挥中心进行反馈。随即,该市公安局启动了重大案件应急机制,组织派出所、刑侦等部门精干警力赶赴现场,开展案件侦破工作。民警在调查案件情况的基础上,通过对受害人提供的信息进行分析研判,发现案情时间和情节存在很多疑点。“现场倒是很像是入室抢劫后的情景,我们根据以往的办案经验发现疑点后,对女子不断追问,最终,女子意识到事情的严重性,如实交代了整个事情过程。”孙付集乡派出所所长张坤领说,经过3个多小时的紧张工作,他们查清了女子王某某原来是为了“教训”经常外出的丈夫。目前,公安机关依法对谎报警情扰乱公共秩序的王某某行政拘留十日。相关链接根据《中华人民共和国治安管理处罚法》第25条的规定,散布谣言,谎报险情、疫情、警情或以其他方法故意扰乱公共秩序的,处五日以上十日以下拘留,可并处五百元以下罚款;情节较轻的,处五日以下拘留或五百元以下罚款 。相关的主题文章: