Adu JJ Lin was once a retired singer causes his assistant in Beijing

Adu JJ Lin was once a singer because retired his assistant – Beijing, Beijing, October 9, according to Taiwan’s ETTV news, singer Adu (Du Chengyi) in 2002 from Singapore to Taiwan album, with a high degree of recognition of a magnetic voice and a large number of fans of the heart, but after the fade out of the screen recently, because in Mainland shows "hidden" will talk to the past singer song to say goodbye to the music, let the fans felt quite sad. When Adu singer is a construction site foreman, once with friends to take part in the singing contest, the song was so appreciated, the record company training after a period of time, first in 2002 and Taiwanese Diva Jiang Hui chorus "love in dream", which attracts attention, released in the same year his debut the album "nightfall". Karaoke song "he must love you very much" but sung so far, even when nominated for Golden Melody Award for best newcomer, even with a senior attitude later than his debut JJ Lin run propaganda, even when his assistant and other errands brother, but out in the cause of the occasion of popular stage, away from the music of Taiwan for 7 years. According to reports, Adu was admitted because of excessive pressure, quickly became famous, he has no way to smoothly integrate, need a period of time, the process of adaptation, even the body condition, once the fear of flying, to participate in the program, and to the local people, so will choose to say goodbye to the fans for a period of time, the comeback in variety the program, also a father’s identity, the same song hoarse more full of experience feelings, also have more warm and sincere smile.相关的主题文章: