After the man was drunk and hit the car police summoned to bite the door onavo protect

The drunken man made the car door of the police summoned the bite of the original title: drink made car   he was also summoned the police come to bite recently, Nanjing public vehicles were scratched, the police locked the suspect after summoned. Unexpectedly, the suspect does not cooperate with the mouth to bite the police. The police investigation found, whether it is to draw the car or bite, are in fact the suspect had been caused by. Special correspondent Yang Weibin ZAKER of Nanjing Modern Express reporter Tao Weizhou October 10th around 7 p.m., Nanjing Hongshan District police station received a public warning Mr. Yang, said the car was struck, after a loss, the loss of up to more than 16000 yuan. Police immediately investigate the matter. According to Mr. Yang reflects his car was parked in the area was scratched. The police after the scene investigation found that Mr. Yang’s car was a bit out of the way, the 4 car out of a certain prejudice. According to the police analysis, the car may be associated with these 4 cars. At the same time, by adjusting the cell surveillance video, the police found a suspect, who had also had a contact with the district cleaning staff. We immediately transferred out of the 4 car owners of the information, and found the cleaning staff, the final confirmation of the suspect for the residents of a field." Police investigators Chen Aigui told modern express reporter. More than 7 points of the evening of October 11th, Chen Aigui led the secret team arrived in Tianmou home, ready to Tianmou summoned to the police station for investigation. At that time Tianmou did not go home, the police will explain the situation to Tianmou wife. "It was all good, but Tianmou back to us and said, we have no evidence that can’t bring him back to the police station." In desperation, Chen Aigui had forced a strip back. I did not expect, in the field after Chen Aigui will control, Tianmou suddenly opened his mouth to bite his shoulder. "Although the clothes, but was bitten out of blood." Chen Aigui endured the pain, will Tianmou back to the police station. Upon review, Tianmou account, in fact, whether it is a car or a bite, because he drank too much." Police investigators, for his drunken trouble, Tianmou regret. Currently, Tianmou has been under criminal detention by the police according to law. Editor: Wei Jun相关的主题文章: