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Apologize to Raikkonen Vitel: I didn’t think the way Vista Pam Ferrari Vitel sina sports Belgian Grand Prix first corner after the accident, Vitel’s Ferrari apologized to teammate Raikkonen. Two people are affected by the movement of Vista Pam into the bend. Many people think that Vitel should be responsible for the crash, because he did not give the inside of the two cars (Raikkonen and Vista Pam) enough space. After watching the video playback, Vitel apologized to Raikkonen. In response to the question about the apology, Raikkonen said: "obviously this is an unfortunate thing. He said sorry, I said it doesn’t matter, we will continue to work hard. Three people are involved in the accident is obviously not ideal, but sometimes things like this. Of course, we’ll give each other more space next time". Vitel said that he did not give Raikkonen more space because he did not think the vista pan will try to recapture the position from the inside, "we did not talk too much about this problem, because the fact is very clear. I thought there was only Kimi on the inside, but the result was two cars on the inside. The space I left for Kimi was obviously not enough for three cars, and I thought Max was out of contention, but then he came back. I can’t see from the mirror. I can only see Kimi, I’m a little ahead of him. If again, I will give him more space, let us both to the past ", Vitel said," I’m sorry three drivers who are involved, we have not been able to smoothly through the bend, this let us miss the podium". (Koala)相关的主题文章: