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Vice president of apple: you may not agree, but the new MacBook Pro is the history of the notebook computer – the best Sohu technology geeks Park micro signal: geekpark new MacBook Pro last week, Apple released a new generation of MacBook Pro notebook computer. This is the first time since the 2012 launch of the Retina screen equipped with MacBook Pro, this product line for the first time in four years, a major change. The new MacBook Pro has a lot of innovative features, such as using a OLED touch screen at the top of the keyboard (Touch Bar) to replace the traditional function keys, in addition to the original function key, the screen can also display different functions according to Mac on app. At the same time, due to the cut off all of the Type-A interface, SD card and so too radical design, the new MacBook Pro and controversial. Recently, apple Philip senior vice president of global marketing Schiller apple is located in California’s "spaceship headquarters" (Infinite Loop), accepted an exclusive interview with the British newspaper "independent", revealed more details of the new MacBook Pro. Why design Touch Bar? We have been thinking about the future direction of notebook computers. In this industry, some people try to turn laptops into tablets, but we don’t think so. The great thing about the new MacBook Pro is that it’s still a laptop, a product that has been with us for 25 years and is likely to continue to be with us for the next 25 years. A plane that you can type with both hands, a piece of L that is right in front of your screen, has been shown to be very reasonable and efficient. On this basis, our team designed a multi touch area, it and the keyboard, touch pad in the same plane, can bring a more interactive interactive experience. Will macOS and iOS remain different in the future? We firmly believe that macOS and iOS correspond to two equally important but fundamentally different products. The main body of iPhone and iPad is a piece of glass, the user can operate directly on the screen through multi touch, and tend to use app in full screen mode. In iOS, we strive to do the best of this kind of experience. In contrast, the cursor on the Mac based on the menu, the indirect mode of operation, we hope that macOS can do the best experience. Let me give you a reason why macOS and iOS should be different. At the top of the Mac, there is a fixed menu bar,相关的主题文章: