BB forum, the history of the whole car keys full resolution iptd-651

BB forum, the history of the whole car can drive the car keys to full resolution is not equal to you will see many cars, car button you sure will use it? Quickly collect! In the history of the most complete car button analysis, mom no longer have to worry about you press the wrong key! Light usually, the German department and the United States Department of automotive lighting control regulation are set in the lower left of the steering wheel, the logo is also better understood, the above is based on Audi models as an example. No auto regulation models will be equipped with manual adjustment knob, and open the lamp with the steering lamp lever forward can transform to the headlights, then pull back the headlights flashed, also known as flashing lights, many owners are often used to meet. Turn lights everyone should know, down to the left, up right. The button on the left is the driving computer adjustment, you can choose to display fuel consumption or mileage (with reference, pictures, inquiry), etc.. The steering lamp lever is also provided with some high vehicle lane assist system, can monitor the road ahead, when the vehicle deviates from the passage through the steering wheel vibration prompt drivers. Different from the United States Department of German, Japan and South Korea and our own car models, are used to control the light focused on the steering wheel of the steering lamp on the rod, but the function and identity are similar, not much difference, this will not repeat the. The identification and operation of the car lights are relatively simple, in which the car lights in the middle position of the button, the door will open automatically open the car, you can also manually operated by the buttons on the left and right sides. Multi function button wheel steering is usually easy for drivers to operate the volume adjustment and menu selection, with mobile phone models will put the answer and the microphone button on the steering wheel, which is Sagitar (cf. distribution, pictures, inquiry) steering wheel button. In addition to the wheel of the rear steering lamp rod outer front page introduction, right and wiper regulation, for wiper rod CR-V. In accordance with the regulation on the icon under the push rod adjusting rod also can be adjusted according to the rainfall of the wiper swing speed, and to the windshield spray to the driver’s steering pull rod. A rear wiper models can also regulate this logo, exactly the same. Part of a cruise control models will be at the wheel of the rear with a lever, set its control control buttons or other vehicle arranged on the steering wheel or elsewhere, icons are similar. This is in the case of Audi, on the driving rod can set the cruising speed, DISTANCE is used to set the cruise driving distance, SET key to set the speed and storage, RESUME can be retrieved before the storage speed and the speed of cruise travel, CANCEL is to cancel the cruise. The main performance models, will shift paddles behind the steering wheel set. In addition to the common button on the steering wheel, the steering wheel itself position also can be adjusted, the manual adjusting rod very good operation, and automatic adjustment button is usually located in the steering column on the left side, but there are also other styles, such as BMW on the use of the design of small deflector rod. The upper part of the above is the "BB forum" of the "history of the whole car keys full resolution", the lower half part of the recent very fire.相关的主题文章: