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Beijing 6 years of information disclosure of public information is the first to bear the brunt of the Internet for the past 6 years, Beijing has a personal information of the citizens of the 160 million were leaked personal information of citizens who leaked? From the Shandong prospective college students cheated death, Professor of the Tsinghua University cheated 17 million 600 thousand yuan of money, leakage of personal information of citizens once again become the focus of public opinion. How is the citizen’s personal information leaked? This article analyzes the relevant cases of the court of Beijing 67, the data show that nearly 6 years in Beijing, more than 100 million citizens of personal information was leaked. Master these information resources, online shopping, courier property, education institutions and the public security organs of others is a source of information leakage, and health care products, insurance, finance, real estate intermediary industry and occupation personnel is a major buyer of reselling the information. Lawyers believe that the current criminal law on the crime of infringement of personal information of citizens, the provisions are not perfect, the lack of judicial interpretation, the starting point is too vague conviction, sentencing is relatively light. Data 6 years of personal information was leaked 162513874, this string of numbers, from 2010 to 2016, the Beijing area was identified by the court to disclose the number of citizens personal information. Do not consider repeated factors, the average annual, there are about 26000000 information was leaked, trading, this figure is more than the resident population in Beijing. 2013 to 2016, the courts of Beijing, a total of 67 cases involving violations of personal information of citizens (the time of the incident is from 2010 to 2016). It mainly involves two charges, one is illegal sale, the crime of providing personal information of citizens; the two is the crime of illegal access to personal information of citizens. 67 cases, the average cheapest price of less than half a piece of information, the most expensive piece of information sold to 5.7 yuan. 67 cases, involving the disclosure of the least amount of information for the case of the 500, up to the case reached a staggering of more than 200 million, which is the most common case in Beijing court open together. Between March 2013 and August, the defendant Lee not only through the network illegally obtained from a large number of personal information of citizens, and sold to others for profit. In the seized its mobile hard disk, there are 133268735 personal information of citizens. From whom to disclose the personal information of citizens? In life, personal information collected by various institutions through various channels, such as public security organs, courier companies, such as shopping sites, people are more willing to believe that they have a more reliable anti leakage measures. However, once the system is not strict, "ghost", these institutions will bear the brunt of information leaks. Of course, there is a mechanism, although do not grasp the information resources, but the use of rogue software, you can also get a lot of information and leakage. Case 1: captain of the police station security team selling information 4000 December 2015, Chaoyang Court together with the police station "ghost" to steal information and sell others cases. It is understood that the defendant a high use of its Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau police station as a security theory相关的主题文章: