Beijing District People’s Congress before the end of the election of the election of the general ele yuria

The Township People’s Congress of Beijing district before the end of general election ballot – by Beijing in the city before the end of 16 the Township People’s Congress election district today to carry out advocacy activities in the city and Township People’s Congress in the second half of the general, the New District, Township People’s Congress will be elected in November this year, then, will be the township election committee shall organize the voters. Today, the city will focus on 16 areas set up their stalls, carry out publicity activities. Meet three conditions to enjoy the right to vote and the right to vote on behalf of the general election for the first time in five years. To meet the three conditions can enjoy the right to vote and the right to vote. According to the provisions of the Constitution and the electoral law, People’s Republic of China citizens eighteen years of age, regardless of nationality, race, sex, occupation, family background, religious belief, education, property status and length of residence, have the right to vote and to be elected; however, deprived of political rights according to law except. That is to say, in our country, as long as the citizens meet the following three conditions have the right to vote and be elected. One is the People’s Republic of China nationality, two are eighteen years of age, three is to enjoy political rights according to law. Take the difference election secret ballot of the urban area, Township People’s Congress elected directly by the voters, the National People’s Congress and the Beijing Municipal People’s Congress elected by indirect elections. There are two district, Township People’s Congress candidate nomination: political parties and people’s organizations may jointly or separately recommend candidates; voters ten or more deputies, may also recommend candidates. The election will take the principle, is refers to the number of candidates should be more than the number of deputies to be elected. Take a secret ballot, also called the secret ballot election, namely not Department voter name, vote on behalf of candidates in accordance with the provisions of the symbol of favour or oppose or abstain from voting, or another person. The representative qualification examination and confirmation of elected deputies effective in mid October to early November, each district will be candidates nominated, before the vote on election day 15 announced the nomination of the preliminary list of candidates and the basic situation; after deliberation and consultation, before to vote on election day 7 days to determine and publish a formal list of candidates and the basic situation. In the middle of November, the same day, the Electoral Commission in accordance with the law to organize the electorate, while the voting District, township two deputies. Since then, the credentials committee shall examine whether the elected representatives meet the basic conditions on behalf of the constitution, the election is in accordance with the procedures prescribed by law, and whether there is to disrupt the elections and other elected invalid illegal behavior. After the review of the credentials committee shall be conducted in accordance with the law, it is necessary to put forward an opinion on whether the election is valid or not. Before the meeting of the people’s Congress, the people’s Congress Standing Committee of the people’s Congress and the presidium of the Township People’s Congress shall determine and publish the list of deputies. Beijing morning news reporter Zou Le相关的主题文章: