Beijing, Tianjin and unified heavy pollution warning grading standards t420s

Beijing, Tianjin and heavy pollution warning grading standards in November 18th, Dongfeng Beiqiao, the evening peak time, the car traveling on the four ring road, the day of Beijing air pollution orange warning is still ongoing. Beijing News reporter Xue Jun photo original title: daily air quality index of 500 "Red Alert" launched yesterday, the latest revision of the "Beijing heavy air pollution emergency plan" released in December 15th, when the orange signal warning of heavy pollution starts, pollutant emissions relative to light-duty gasoline vehicle emission standard of a large country is prohibited on the road the red warning; when starting, I in China II car to stop China III and above according to single and double driving car. It is understood that this is the first since 2012 in Beijing, the country issued a heavy air pollution emergency plan, the fourth release of heavy air pollution emergency plan. Changes in 1, according to the requirements of the Ministry of environmental protection, Beijing, Tianjin and unified standards for the early warning of the classification of standards, and early warning of heavy air pollution levels were adjusted. Among them, the same blue and yellow warning, the starting conditions, the orange and red warning start each added a "limit", the pollutants of high concentration requires a day. Among them, the orange warning start conditions, in addition to the forecast for 3 consecutive days of severe pollution, but also requires a serious pollution in which to reach the 1 day (PM2.5, for example, PM2.5 average concentration of more than 250 micrograms per cubic meter). Red Alert starting conditions, in addition to the requirements of forecasting for 4 or more consecutive days had severe pollution, which also requires 2 days to serious pollution; or daily air quality index (AQI) to 500 (in the case of PM2.5, the daily average concentration of PM2.5 exceeded 500 micrograms per cubic meter), to start the red warning. Change 2 "orange police" in I, II in car suspended in accordance with the priority to cut high pollution emission car principle, the new "plan" put forward, when the orange signal warning when starting the implementation of emergency measures in the country I, II emission standards for gasoline vehicles and construction waste, soil, gravel transport vehicle ban; red warning when starting, based on orange signal warning measures, the city’s other vehicles to implement danshuanghao driving (except for pure electric vehicles). Change 3 schools no longer "across the board" and the current plan, another important change of the new plan, is the current plan in place of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens "across the board" type suspension adjustment "discrimination". Due to the large differences in the quality of air between the north and south of Beijing, often heavily polluted in the southern region, the northern part of the region is only a slight, or even in good condition. Therefore, the new "plan", considering the differences in regional air quality school teaching conditions, many factors involved in care of the parents and students for teaching arrangements, the "unified closed measures as" by the municipal, district education department according to the actual situation of territoriality, instruction of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, take flexible teaching or closed protective measures". The 4 part changes of pollution days polluting process stop limiting the production of the "plan" to stop the new measures to limit production of industrial enterprises has been refined to pollution emission reduction efforts do not drop as the goal, to highlight the accurate pollution". Further sort out the negative process and positive list". Will stop limit production companies directory "overall stop production.相关的主题文章: