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Biography Qualcomm to acquire NXP transaction amount over $30 billion Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, Qualcomm is the acquisition and NXP semiconductors (NXP Semiconductors NV) for negotiations, the total value of the deal is expected to exceed $30 billion. This is also the rapid integration of the latest emerging mergers and acquisitions in the semiconductor industry. Sources said the deal could be finalized in the next two to three months. However, there is also the possibility of abortion, because Qualcomm is also exploring other trading options. Qualcomm’s headquarters is located in California San Diego (San Diego), the market value of $93 billion. In response to slower growth and increased competition in the market structure, chip manufacturers eager to seek mergers and acquisitions to help them expand the scale and reduce costs. Semiconductor mergers and acquisitions in 2015 reached a historical peak, such as Intel and other large companies have carried out major acquisitions. NXP also last year, the price of $11 billion 800 million acquisition of the industry Carle (Freescale) Freescale semiconductor. According to the data provided by the financial market platform company Dealogic, this year, the chip industry is currently trading more than $75 billion, making the technology industry has become the busiest in the field of mergers and acquisitions. M & A this year, the total size of the industry is now more than $463 billion. A few months ago, Japan’s Softbank agreed to $32 billion acquisition of British ARM microprocessor design. Chinese factors to accelerate the integration of the semiconductor industry. China will invest $24 billion in the development of its semiconductor industry. The acquisition of NXP will change fundamentally qualcomm. Qualcomm rely on wireless chips to stand out in the semiconductor industry, but in recent years, the company’s development is also facing challenges, including the slowdown in the growth of smart phones. Qualcomm’s business model unusual. Although most of Qualcomm’s revenue comes from the design and sale of chips, but more than half of the company’s profits come from almost all of the mobile phone manufacturers to collect royalties. This makes Qualcomm’s profit margins considerably higher than most of its history. As of June this year, with $31 billion in cash and securities Qualcomm’s balance sheet, almost all held offshore, another great power that is to buy Qualcomm nxp. The acquisition of the Holland company, NXP will allow Qualcomm’s chip business from dozens of product lines currently extended to hundreds, and will cover mobile devices outside of many industries. Qualcomm will immediately become the world’s largest supplier of chips. With the increasing application of computer technology to the development of cars and driverless cars, many chip manufacturers into the automotive market for a share of the soup. In view of the characteristics of the two companies with complementary and contribute to the profitability significantly improved, the market has discussed the possibility of marriage with NXP qualcomm. In fact, analysts at Sanford C. on reported the possibility in the Research Report on Thursday. Analysts pointed out that many investors believe they will see Qualcomm has some more strategic action. Large scale NXP may Qualcomm interested, because Qualcomm in the automotive, security and mobile.相关的主题文章: