Blood affection to win the hearts of the final match type-whereisip

The blood affection over the heart may end with half tangled blood affection over the heart may end with this, Liu Tang in September two declined to Mrs. Yuan Tongyun. However, though Mrs Yuan Tongyun does not call again, did not find him, but Liu Tang did not calm the heart: because Amanda is his own daughter! "My wife and I can’t sleep well every night, talked about Amanda, feel sorry for her. We dare not go out, did not dare to shut the mobile phone, afraid to hear the news of amanda." Liu Tang said that blood is thicker than water, the family has always been able to break, although his daily life as usual, but the hearts of the concerns are more and more strong. Before September 20th, Liu Tang and his wife commissioned only informed sister to visit Amanda hospital, sent a gift, also brought thousands of yuan of donations, but is based on the identity of the well intentioned people to know, Mrs. Yuan Tongyun has. A few days ago, Yuan Tongyun’s cell phone received a text message: my wife and I would like to go to the bone marrow matching, waiting for your call. See this message, Yuan Tongyun quickly replied: Thank you brother, our family Thank you! "Amanda is our daughter, is the family blood is thicker than water, is a piece of meat fell on my wife, this is never change the fact that we can’t bear to watch her pain and completely indifferent." Liu Tang choked voice.相关的主题文章: