Brawl caused 1 dead more than the students involved in Henan control of junior middle school student

Brawl caused 1 dead than the control students of junior middle school students in Nanyang: the original title of Henan junior high school students of Nanyang Gang incident caused 1 dead than the control students was the site of the incident parked police car. Picture from the network gate closed. Pictures from the network Beijing News News (reporter Wang Yu) today (7) evening, the Beijing News reporter from Henan Nanyang police that in November 3rd occurred in Wolong district town of the city group of junior high school students, resulting in a death of students, students are more than the control. Recently, Henan local netizens news release, Wolong district town the first junior high school students in Nanyang city occurred brawl, and caused casualties. The pictures released by the above users, the incident at the school gate parked police car, and a crowd of onlookers. Beijing News reporter then from the town government confirmed the incident on November 3rd in the afternoon after school, several students conflict due to quarrel, then the alarm. Today evening, the Beijing News reporter from the Nanyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Wolong branch was informed that the students involved are the town the first junior high school students, including students, Zhao Zhuang because of an altercation with several other students clashed, immediately triggered brawl. In this process, Zhuang was seriously injured, sent to hospital after treatment. Currently, including Zhao, including a number of students have been controlled by the police. Local government and education departments have also organized a working group to investigate the school. Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章: