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A British exit must be approved by the house of Commons vote two years or difficult to complete the original title: British law ruled that "high off Europe" must be approved by the house of Commons vote or two years to complete the [Global Times special correspondent in the UK Ji Shuangcheng Peng Zefeng] the British High Court ruled 3, the British government should not be in the house of Commons vote before the start of Lisbon the treaty section fiftieth, start off the European negotiations. The British government is dissatisfied with the ruling and will appeal to the Supreme court. In October this year, British Prime Minister Teresa · Mei announced that in the spring of next year, the EU began negotiations with the EU, is expected to formally withdraw from the EU in 2019. She led the government to before the end of March next year, not through the house of Commons vote, starting fiftieth terms of the Treaty of Lisbon, from Europe to negotiate with the EU expansion. But the government’s plan has been resisted by Optima, especially in the financial sector. Representatives from the UK financial sector earlier formed a lawyer team, hired a number of Royal barristers to the case of the British high court. Broadcasting British Corporation reported that the British High Court made a decision on the 3 day, ruled that Teresa · plum government can not bypass the Congressional voting process, without authorization to start the negotiations on the removal of europe. Miller, deputy representative of the case to the European Court of Justice ruled that the results after the announcement of the outside world, said the results of all the people concerned about the future of the United kingdom." The British "times" 3, quoted the British government spokesman, the government of the court’s decision was disappointed, but to deal with the court also feel a headache. By the end of this year is expected by the end of the year, there will be a number of rounds around the topic of the trial. The Associated Press reported that the British High Court initially ruled the day before, British Prime Minister Teresa stressed in the house of Commons Mei · speech, the government will be in Europe off negotiations, to ensure maximum national interests. In fact, after the British referendum on the dust settled, lawyers began to interpret the referendum results from the law. From the legal delay or even completely prevent the British from Europe began to surface law. The Broadcasting British Corporation said that the possibility of preventing the British from the EU in the following three aspects: the first is how to apply the provisions of the Lisbon Treaty of fiftieth; followed by Scotland will boycott. There is also a possibility of a second referendum. For the British High Court ruling will have great influence on the process of the United Kingdom, the British public opinion also have different views. There are views that the relevant legal disputes will make Teresa · plum government can not keep its promise to allow the EU to leave the EU by 2019. "The Wall Street journal" 3 analysis said in the verdict after the introduction of the British government may be forced to quickly launch the legislative mandate that the prime minister Teresa · Mei started the "Lisbon treaty" section fiftieth, which is open from Europe negotiations formal mechanism for two years. Although · may vote for the prime minister Teresa; Mei favor, but members may influence on the way of applying her off the European implementation; if the majority vote, theoretically may delay or even prevent the program. "British High Court 8相关的主题文章: