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Calcium deficiency during pregnancy could be serious?! – Sohu believe that most people understand the maternal calcium deficiency during pregnancy affect the baby’s development, but what kind of impact on the baby? How to calcium? Many people don’t know, here we do a detailed introduction of calcium during pregnancy, the baby is born! After suffering from a congenital of laryngomalacia, usually for the baby to inhale, too soft curls and larynx and laryngeal cartilage contact, very easy to block the opening of the larynx, respiration, and snoring. In addition, if the baby calcium deficiency will lead to severe rickets, appear craniotabes, side, before the abnormal fontanelle closure, beaded ribs, chicken breast, O leg etc.. Therefore, it becomes very important to calcium supplementation during pregnancy. Here, Xiaobian tell you how to make calcium during pregnancy? Calcium during pregnancy will be? 1, eat some calcium rich foods in our lives a lot of calcium rich foods, such as kelp, seaweed, said: nuts, beans, shrimp and sesame, in addition, pregnant women need a day sooner or later each intake of milk about 250ml products, and appropriate increase in vitamin D (animal liver, sun) can promote the body’s absorption of calcium. 2, usually calcium calcium in food is not enough to meet the baby’s growth and development, so they need to eat some calcium during pregnancy, as the amount of calcium needed to the hospital for examination, a clear body calcium deficiency, and the corresponding supplement. 3, pay attention to intake of vitamin D in order to let the body absorb enough calcium, then the pregnant mother in calcium at the same time should also pay attention to the intake of vitamin D. Usually can do some outdoor sports, you can contact the sun, promote the body synthesis of vitamin D. In the case of better sunlight can be outdoors for half an hour. If there is no sunlight, pregnant mothers need to eat vitamin D to supplement. 4, hinder the absorption of calcium in food high sugar and caffeine, eat too greasy, oxalic acid, phytic acid and other obstacles to the body of calcium absorption of food do not eat. 5, pregnant mothers need to maintain a certain amount of exercise during pregnancy, can be a bit more active joint, can do some stretching exercises can improve nutritional status of muscle, skeletal muscle, increase bone density and prevent osteoporosis. Calcium supplementation during pregnancy is critical, if the pregnant mother calcium deficiency but did not receive timely supplement, not only they will suffer from osteoporosis, there will be pain, back pain, leg cramps situation, will affect the baby’s health. Therefore, small advice for women from pregnancy can begin the amount of calcium, has been to adhere to lactation.相关的主题文章: