Cancer father to witness the wedding with his daughter’s Wedding 3 days before the death magicq

Cancer father to witness her daughter’s wedding with the treatment of 3 days before the death of the death rate of 100%, someone sent to the ward stopped breathing, no one can survive for over 3 months…… Nevertheless, there are still a lot of patients are smiling away. Yesterday (October 8th) is the world’s hospice and palliative care day, this year’s theme is the pain of life, may not occur". The affiliated Shengjing Hospital of China Medical University Nanjing Yangke ward, the reporter heard Father in pancreatic cancer missed her daughter’s wedding three days ago died and helpless, see "hospice" old man dying moments of peace and quiet. [1] to see the age of 53 patients with advanced pancreatic cancer: in order to witness his daughter’s marriage has always been actively cooperate with the treatment of Mr. Zhao, aged 53, patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. Mr. Zhao hale, rarely get sick, until 2015 when unit check-up was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Despite repeated treatment, the disease is gradually deteriorated, was sent to the family Yangke ning. Nurse Ma Ning recalled: "when he first came to Nanjing Yangke, mental state is very good, a bit, walked home from the hospital, go home." Mr. Zhao appeared abdominal distension, every day to the hospital pumping treatment. "In September this year, every day he lived in the ward, in the side of accompanying relatives. He mentioned more than once, his daughter to be held in October 10th, the wedding, relatives are helping to prepare for the wedding, he must witness the happiest day of her daughter." Ma Ning recalled: "he can still be in the state, but the physical condition suddenly deteriorated, and soon can not walk down, even the voice is too small." Mr. Zhao also gradually blurred consciousness completely bedridden every day. Daughter visits the hospital every day, even at night. In order to witness the wedding of his daughter, Mr. Zhao has always actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment. "Whether it is taking medicine, injections or intravenous drip, he will work hard to cooperate with the doctor, so that the body into a good transformation. He began to face his terminally ill with the usual." 5 days, 4 days, 3 days…… National Day holiday is coming to an end, her daughter’s wedding is approaching. "There are 3 days, is the daughter of the red letter day, his condition is more and more heavy!" In October 7th, Mr. Zhao deteriorated, completely lost consciousness, always in a coma, rely on the ventilator to maintain vital signs. 11 noon, the families in order to ease his pain, tears to stop medication, the body of the needle all pulled out. "My daughter burst into tears, sitting on her father’s bedside in silence." Family members kept in the ward, and Mr. Zhao spent the last 11 hours of his life. At 10 o’clock that evening, Mr. Zhao left the wedding for the first time in about 3 days, failing to give his daughter to the groom. "When a man is about to die, he loses his consciousness, but he still has the sense of hearing, and can hear the people around him. The family members hold the last time to say to him the heart." [2] 75 years witnessed the patients with advanced gastric cancer: never trust to accept the reality of holiday home particularly happy cancer a year to know the truth from the excited to calm Mr. Wang 75 year old patients with advanced gastric cancer. In September 2015, he was diagnosed with gastric cancer, despite undergoing gastrectomy, the condition is still deteriorating. 3 pm yesterday, the reporter in the elderly.相关的主题文章: